The City of No “Hellos”

Such massive waves of longing,

For that blissful & down to earth life;

He once had & knew,

At his small mountain town,

Where everything was greenish,

The place & the hearts of the people,

The most exquisite makeup for all;

Was a smile!

A smile,

That left everyone joyous!

From sunrise till sunset,

In & out the town he would always bomb into folks he knew!

That made his days full of conversations,

Made them lively ,healthy & chatty.

There were always “Hellos” & “See you”!

He was a smart young man,

Dreams, ambitions & hopes ran alive & hot in his blood,

They’re intense & threatened to erupt like a deadly volcano!

He went to one of those big cities,

where people are constantly running,

From dawn till dusk,

No one knows anyone,

& if they did; there’s time only to sweat making a living & eating in between!

When done with his own marathon;

Late at night in his bed,

He asks if it’s worth all the pain,

With days void of people he loves,

Of those he enjoys being around,

He doubts if he can take another ton of gloomy faces,

of this crazy all day sweating,

Silence prevails, as he becomes lost in his thoughts,

Tired from the workload he daily endures ,

Of his harsh new reality,

Of this city of no “Hellos”

Of his thoughts,

he then drifts into sleep!

To join the global marathon of ‘Winning His Bread’the following day!

Written By: Samia Hassan


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