Time to celebrate & enjoy life

If there’s one good thing about passports(respectful ones)is that it allows you access to every corner around the globe.

How could we the citizens of the ‘Third World’ have ended up with him;a horrible creature from the’Developed World’,if not for this miracle &  wonderful thing called a ‘Passport!’

He sat there arrogantly,thinking that he is a God sent miracle or that he is our  saviour,all his words falling on us like a bucket of iced water from Antarctica “You have always existed before us,& won’t vanish after we go,you were always  alive ,were & will remain there.” he says

Everyone looks in bewilderment,except me.

& because one thing leads to another,I now think of women & men who say to each other:”I’ll die if you leave me!” or “If you dump me or walk out on me,how on earth will I continue to live without you?”

Okay,now that is a big fat lie, madam & sir nobody dies because someone had left them , broke up with them or had found out that they don’t suit each other anymore.

Let us borrow words from the dude from the developed world  whom I wasn’t  one of his fans & use it differently :

” You were there before you tied the knot with someone,you have been living all your live alone(At least most of it),you existed way before X & Z got involved with you, & you will continue to live & exist  after they had discovered that they are better off without you.”

So you too come up with a decision that it’s time to celebrate & enjoy life,it is said that divorced women in Greece do the following; they throw a party after a divorce! I can’t confirm this,but see women like you had discovered & found out that it’s not the end of the world.

Whatever situation that find yourself in,make the most out of it,it’s true ‘If life throws you a lemon,don’t say sour,make a lemonade.’,that is the essence of the message embedded inside every situation one might think of as a catastrophe.

Woman up ,hold up your head,live,love ,laugh , go rock the world, & now that you don’t need the validation & confirmation of someone to this amazing fact ‘You’re one of a kind,no one will ever be you & the mould broke when you were  created. ‘


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