Why Women Fall For The First Pair of Pants That Knocks Their Door?

Why do we as women or girls spend ages, going, moving from one mall, shop, place to another in the search for the magic, perfect, or the one & only pair of shoes, makeup, accessory, or anything else, & never give up or lose the hope that if we haven’t yet came across the fantastic piece of thing ;we’ll for sure find it another day.

But when it comes to men & relationships, we just fall for that maybe first unfit thing, who necessary isn’t ‘The One’, or isn’t really the ‘Mr.Right’ ! Yet cling to him as a miserable spinster; Rene e Zellweger in ‘Bridget Jones Diary’.

Why when it comes to things we’re very optimistic? We say’ Luck Will Find Me Another Day’, but with ‘Men’ we wear the pessimistic hat ‘Am Doomed’; am lucky if this ‘Mr.Not So Right Or Good’ has even decided to look me in the eye!


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