Do you ever wonder or ask yourself,

Or had it ever occurred to you

To question


Why he fears to let you lead

To at the head of any table

To be your best self

Why he says of you

Of no significance

Or with no intellectual ability

With zero brain

Or just a fraction

To make you move around to perform house chores

& If you run up & down all day long

You will never outsmart him

Or be his equivalent

Why the man who took away all your rights

& spends his days from dawn to the next dawn outside

Denying you his company

& when he comes finally

blames his zero bedroom performance on you

Suddenly became your Saviour


Because he wants his life late at night (If he’s ever at home) to be a Roller Coaster


FGM,for more info.visit:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_genital_mutilation


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