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Personal Space

I really felt for that guy, who seemed as if he didn’t finish his school or didn’t receive proper education, me complaining of the strange folks I come across from both genders but mostly men who do this a lot, either because they’re out of manners, ignorant or due to the fact that they’re ‘Harassers’ !

I don’t know if people are aware of this I’ve a space around me & everyone of us does,  it’s called ‘Personal Space’

personal space
the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable.
I don’t like anyone breaking that ‘Personal Space’ around me, makes me very nervous, uneasy & uncomfortable. When others see this they mock me, I think many educated people despite their education they are purely ignorant to simplest forms of etiquette,  or underestimate such things,  it’s not right to get very close to people whom didn’t give you permission to do so, if someone wants you to break their personal space & allows you in, fine, but if they didn’t, please respect them & give them a break, leave them alone,  don’t intimidate or make them nervous & uncomfortable.
People talk a lot of privacy, confidentiality, & a lot of other things but they ignore the fact that many people love keeping their ‘Personal Space’ exclusive to themselves,
Whatever place you’re in please respect the ‘Personal Space’ of others.




Changing Times

  Sad how times have changed!

Really changed!

& the healthy  ‘We’

We used to have once upon time,

No longer exists!


It’s 2016

& it has been replaced by a big fat ‘ I’



Wake up

It’s only in stories

Told for kids before bedtime

‘One for all, & all for one’


  Another woman prayed so hard

To have you in her life

But not me


Another man loves me so much

To the point of pain

But not you


I always dreamt of another life

It never included you

But you think otherwise


Of me, who spent nights counting stars

& whispering to birds of how much your love kills me


That I brought flowers

Ripped its petals

One by one

Wondering (He loves me, He loves me not)


But that never happened

Not now, Nor ever

As If…

As if they’re a group of sheep

That’s how they act,

How they dress,

Utter each word,




As if they are under some sort of a spell

They all just mumble the same things

As if they were raised in a single household

By the same parents

& underwent the same education system

As if they have received a book of instructions

Of all what they should say & do,

Which must all be the same

To the point,  you might be stunned;

Is this an orchestra, a movie?!

Where each got a role to play!

They have no brains of their own anymore

Not even a past

As if their memories are erased

& nothing is left except the lies they have to tell us each single day,

Strange isn’t it?

As if there’s a hidden conspiracy,

& when you ask what’s going on

Their reply is always the same!

What are they doing to us?

(بحثت عن الله فى شوارع مكه فلم اجده)

A Kuwaiti poet Maysoon Al-Suwaidan wrote that she searched for the lord in the streets of Makkah & couldn’t find him.


Let’s question if we look & search in all other countries will that be the case too?!

The Book

He, they,  go  HORNY

Wildly they move from one spot to another

We’ve made a book  & we pass it around

A book for those whom  WE DISLIKE

By ‘DISLIKE’ he, they, mean

Those who refuse to be (SCREWED by them)

& we will make sure

That they

Never will  put a ‘Bread Loaf’ on their tables!

Humanity what went wrong

How come






Phobia Vs Hostile


noun, an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

What a nerve!

After all that was done

You go complaining of the woman 

Who like PHOENIX raised from the WRECKAGE; 

A fearful woman.




showing or feeling opposition or dislike; unfriendly.


Other criminals like yourself sold those lies too


Smear her with nasty descriptions & false accusations

What did you say she suffers from

untreatable attitude issues & other crap

That way the predator can dominate

The victim submits

She looks at her fractures & scars

She bears all what was done,  all by herself

A few false names won’t harm

Egyptians say (Insults don’t stick!)

& she gonna protect herself

& will never allow further damage & destruction