Love that guy/miss whom prepared that little cup of tea/coffee for you

Love the wo/man who gave you their seat,  when your legs were barely able to carry you

Love that friend or stranger who offered you comfort when you were falling apart

Love those who had faith in you when you had none

Love your husband/wife/cook who prepared your meal & everything with so much care

Love everyone who lighted your path & everyday works towards making you a better human being

Love the guy at the oil station who cleans your car for you & fills your tank, so that you can go chase the stars

Love nature & other creatures which share with you their beauty

Love that pair of socks/sweater that kept you warm at day/night

Love God who never gives up on you

Love everything that had been kind, useful & helpful to you, whether it’s a living human being or just a thing

The little thank you for everything/everyone that shared a little something of themselves with you, IS TO LOVE THEM.


7 thoughts on “LOVE the key to GRATITUDE

    • When I lived in Egypt, some good Christians I came cross during my study days used to say ( الله محبة), which means (God, is Love). In Islam our prophet says(None of you is a believer, tills he loves for his brothers & sisters, that which s/he loves for themselves). All religions message is to love one another, but its us whom are screwed!

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      • Yes my dear Sister in Islam , Allah and his Messenger conveyed the message of Peace so clearly but it is we who are the culprits … Same is the case in other religions . When people start believing perfectly in the messages and practice only then this world will witness what true Peace is !

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        • Oh! My dear, maybe humans are the most dangerous species on earth! Just saw a Kenyan maid who died because of her Lebanese employer who burned her, what is this? Can you imagine this, can you imagine in Middle East the land that witnessed the birth of all religions this is happening, folks don’t practice the gems of manners ,kinds, compassion & humanity in any religion anymore, in the Gulf region maids are raped & killed, so much injustice, torture & human rights violations happen to immigrants especially from Africa & Asia, why are humans doing this to one another? May Allah/God help HUMANITY, amen.

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    • Thanks, & bless you. One man asked me to be grateful, while at the same time calling me names & accusing of many things he & his friends made up about me, & I swear am a very good person, but I’m surrounded most of times by the wrong type of people who work on bringing me down, do character assassination to me, call me all sorts of ill & ugly names, & those who really know me are aware that despite my very good education & other things am a down to earth human being & treat all individuals as my Islam teachings recommend me to in the same manner, I don’t have a way of treatment for kings/queens & another for the ordinary folks, all human beings for me are the same. I treat them all with love & courtesy except those who do ill to me! I appreciate & value all the good human beings that come across me in life.


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