It’s All There

‘Goha’ is a funny character found in stories in the ‘Arabic Literature’, most of times the stories about him makes him seem like a complete idiot!

I pick today one story to link with something, it’s said that one day Goha lost a key, & his house was dim, so he went out searching out on the street which had lights on, when folks asked him what happened, he mentioned that he lost a key at home but due to lack of light he preferred to search here, where there’s light!

Maybe many of us are just like Goha; SEARCHING IN THE WRONG SPOT! Maybe what we hope to find outside of ourselves lies within ourselves, maybe we take the easy solution rather than the difficult one which is the most appropriate, maybe we just gave up too soon, when we were 1 second away from everything dawning upon us, way before things that had no logic at the time finally making sense & thus denying ourselves from having our ‘Eureka Moment’ of  ‘I Found It’  just like Archimedes.


Maybe all what we need is extra amounts & daily doses of FAITH & BELIEVE to keep us searching for answers in the right places, to finally get our  ‘Eureka Moment’.

& maybe everyone of us is the ANSWER! 


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