They don’t Understand Words, Are They Into Sign Language?!

She’d done whatever she can

To let them get off her back

To stop their harm & abuse

She’s not like them

She hasn’t yet become a cannibal

She doesn’t eat human flesh

Or find blood tasty

Nor does she harvest innocent souls

& people, she tried so hard

To convey the following message

In many language

“To leave her alone!”

Since they never did  or  do her any good at all

But they insist on pretending they don’t get it

Since words coming out from lips aren’t helping

Do they understand sign language?!


8 thoughts on “They don’t Understand Words, Are They Into Sign Language?!

  1. This is so true of sexual harassment , no matter how many ways you express this , it will persist.
    Signs are more ambiguous than words. Sigh…..fright / anger with out solution it is.


    • You know, they will harass you in many ways as they like, it’s intimidation, they use all forms of violence so you behave the way they want you to!
      In the place where I live now its torture for me since 2009, they think like folks at GITMO, they torture them till they confess to crimes they didn’t commit to make the torture stop. So with me they think I’ll surrender eventually due to what they’re doing to me, NEVER!
      How can you want to force a +30 something female into doing things she doesn’t want! They want to force us to dress, speak, think, learn, breed, mate & marry as they wish, because we live in a country were men got the upper hand, & women aren’t, reason why;they aren’t financially strong as their male counterparts!
      If you say it in all languages of the world “Am not into you, they will see it as, (Am all over you!)”


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