How Manly Are You?!

I saw this lady years ago during me recovering from a fatal accident (Will Talk About That One day), & kept asking myself since I saw her, how many men from all cultures & religions can tolerate, be considerate, loving, supporting, compassionate & show empathy towards their wives if something similar had happened to them?!

I know women never give up on their men, & even tolerate the worst of them among mankind! But men are different story, they have their excuses ready to do whatever ill they want towards their women!

Can a man who cheats because his woman gained some weight or due to marriage & life demands forgot to appear sexy for him, stand up to challenges like ones in the below article?!

Please read about this UNKNOWN HERO & WARRIOR:


6 thoughts on “How Manly Are You?!

  1. Great topic, Samia. Of course, there are both generous & selfish people of any gender. It’s good to discuss, to remind each other of the importance of values. I hate how when men are kind, they’re exalted, whereas kind women are merely ‘normal.’

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    • I agree with you 100%, all the extraordinary,great & superhuman things done by women is overlooked, mocked, taken for granted & belittled. Just look at the world we have today, wars,famine, illness, human/sex trafficking, drugs, exploitation, unemployment & much more are the ill products men gave to HUMANITY.


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