Because he watered from his blood “His Word/Say”

Because he’s higher

Than all those around him,

They said to him: “Blind”

& they ‘ARROGATED’ (HIS word/ Say)


لأنه روى من دمه قوله

لأنه أسمى 

،من كل من حوله

“قالوا له: “أعمى

.و أنتحلوا قوله



3 thoughts on “Adonis

    • His writing may confuse you, maybe because he’s exceptionally ‘SMART & TALENTED’, when I’s reading that part, for me روى seemed like narrated , & it can also be ‘Water’ like watering plants, so I said maybe what he means is to show how much precious & valuable his words are & what he says, he is saying (He watered his words with his blood)! There are similar things found in other literature also where they connect (Blood) to something sacred & very precious. Have you read this before و للحرية الحمراء باب بكل يد مضرجة يدق.

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