Me & the ‘CAT’!

Today I went shopping, on a very small scale, & you see; there is this ‘CAT’,  a very beautiful one, which lives at our neighbour’s house, every now & then she gives birth, & then it abandons the kittens!

Anyway, I have forgotten to bring the cat something to eat!

I watched the cat after giving it a small portion of what I’s planning to have for breakfast & said (Seems like I did to you what the WORLD & EVERYONE does to me ‘ I’m denied from having a life like anyone, & as am hooked up in my own life, I just have forgotten you completely!’)

I feel bad for ME & THE ‘CAT’!



3 thoughts on “Me & the ‘CAT’!

    • Bless you. You wouldn’t imagine what some countries that call themselves (Islamic) supported by stinky western countries can do to human beings. Mass terrorizing & harassment every single day. Not only that, when they see that you’re 30 something who don’t party, not having affairs with every pig in pants, they will think something is very wrong about you, then they will make experiments on you, all sorts of stinky immoral & unethical experiments.They can’t believe that someone is indeed (CHASTE) & truly fear their lord.
      & because you didn’t allow to be violated, wanted bullying, sexual, emotional, psychological, mental harassment to stop, they will deny you to have any proper life.
      If you’ve allowed all of them to (FUCK YOU), you’d have saved your bread but what about your dignity, honour & humanity can you trade them for bread?! So they thought because they are all a bunch of immoral pigs. The biggest CHALLENGE WE’VE TODAY IS TO HOW TO LIVE AMONG PIGS & NOT BECOME ONE! It’s very challenging.


    • & to come back to your point; am very kind, which is a total waste on the PIGS I come across through every second of my life. But then am doing it for the sake of the lord, which is way more better , satisfying & rewarding.


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