What are they doing to us?

(بحثت عن الله فى شوارع مكه فلم اجده)

A Kuwaiti poet Maysoon Al-Suwaidan wrote that she searched for the lord in the streets of Makkah & couldn’t find him.


Let’s question if we look & search in all other countries will that be the case too?!


4 thoughts on “What are they doing to us?

    • What is happening is (Authority & those in Power) are above religion & law. Religion , Sharia laws & everything else are only used on the common & ordinary man. You will see or hear news of those in power that who don’t pray, commit adultery, have alcohol & all sorts of forbidden immoral things in religion are committed by them & no one questions them. But an ordinary Muslim person can receive a death sentence over a ‘TWEET’!
      Imagine the religious scholars day & night praising such ill characters, send blessing to them & asking nations to do so & raise prayers to them while they act against morals, ethics, steal their nations, & commit mass human rights violations & horrors towards citizens!


      • You know, it’s pretty much the same way here. The politicians and famous can pretty much get away with anything (all the while professing to be Christians) and the “little people” can be jailed for something almost as simple as jaywalking.
        I don’t think there is justice anywhere anymore. The rules are bent and broken for a choice few..and they should be unilateral.
        I have heard horror stories about Muslim women and what is done to them. My heart breaks every time I hear what happens. So sad.


        • Someone I know is a very kind girl, helpful, she’s someone whom doesn’t tolerate injustice & is a modern female. One day at a place she lives, she’s told by the residents who hate her that 12 Muslim Sheikhs are coming to visit & have lunch. She helps prepare the meal, then as she’s cooking is told by an evil lady that she will cook from there. After the Sheikhs leaves, the maid cuts her fingers & says she can’t clean after the Sheikhs, like Cinderella, only her she cleans after them & cleans the whole house. She didn’t know that the evil lady, the maid & another criminal daughter of that woman brought those Sheikhs to harm her, few days later that kind & helpful soul who helped those Muslim Sheikhs for the sake of the lord gets terrible skin disease which she suffers from till this day. & that is because those evil people couldn’t stand she’s not like the rest, & when some ill people wanted to drag that girl into unethical things she said NO. Someone was given skin disease by Sheikhs associated with evil people, what world do we live in?


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