As If…

As if they’re a group of sheep

That’s how they act,

How they dress,

Utter each word,




As if they are under some sort of a spell

They all just mumble the same things

As if they were raised in a single household

By the same parents

& underwent the same education system

As if they have received a book of instructions

Of all what they should say & do,

Which must all be the same

To the point,  you might be stunned;

Is this an orchestra, a movie?!

Where each got a role to play!

They have no brains of their own anymore

Not even a past

As if their memories are erased

& nothing is left except the lies they have to tell us each single day,

Strange isn’t it?

As if there’s a hidden conspiracy,

& when you ask what’s going on

Their reply is always the same!


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