Personal Space

I really felt for that guy, who seemed as if he didn’t finish his school or didn’t receive proper education, me complaining of the strange folks I come across from both genders but mostly men who do this a lot, either because they’re out of manners, ignorant or due to the fact that they’re ‘Harassers’ !

I don’t know if people are aware of this I’ve a space around me & everyone of us does,  it’s called ‘Personal Space’

personal space
the physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable.
I don’t like anyone breaking that ‘Personal Space’ around me, makes me very nervous, uneasy & uncomfortable. When others see this they mock me, I think many educated people despite their education they are purely ignorant to simplest forms of etiquette,  or underestimate such things,  it’s not right to get very close to people whom didn’t give you permission to do so, if someone wants you to break their personal space & allows you in, fine, but if they didn’t, please respect them & give them a break, leave them alone,  don’t intimidate or make them nervous & uncomfortable.
People talk a lot of privacy, confidentiality, & a lot of other things but they ignore the fact that many people love keeping their ‘Personal Space’ exclusive to themselves,
Whatever place you’re in please respect the ‘Personal Space’ of others.




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