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A Heart, Mind, & Soul at Peace


Distracted minds use distracted/complicated language. The clearer one’s soul, heart & mind, the simpler their language  & words will be,

A clear mind, soul & heart utilizes fewer & simpler words. An ancient Chinese spiritual teacher once said  ‘Those who know, do not speak. Those who speak, do not know.’

When the mind, heart & soul are calm they radiate peace & simplicity, a distracted/disturbed mind, heart, &  soul can’t do that.

Empty your heart,soul & mind & fill them with simplicity & beauty.

Your heart, soul & mind let them be at peace, give them peace & let them become peace.




Bless Them My Lord…

Bless them my lord

Those with hearts so evergreen

The naive

Who just believe in the goodness of humans

& what’s right in front of them

& the ones who buy into anything!


May, 2002

At a small party & a gathering

A naive girl was informed by a cannibal that after she returns from a scholarship

Where she thought will make all her dreams come true

‘When you finish the scholarship the kindergarten vacancy will be awaiting you!’



The naive girl was on a public transport

The cannibal was sitting right beside her

They chitchatted

& she saw the promise of so many years ago glittering in his eyes

‘The  kindergarten vacancy  is awaiting you!’



The World Around Us

Is on fire, uncountable atrocities , injustices & inequality are taking place everywhere under the sun, to the extent that one can’t breathe.

Women are forced into prostitution, sold by sex/human traffickers

Girls are Forced into early marriage, a baby is being forced to marry a criminal who should have protected her if he was a righteous individual, a criminal the same age of her grandfather

Children are sold for sex, to the point  that some countries had become number 1 destinations for  ‘Child Prostitution’  &  ‘Child Sex Tourism.’

Hideous & horrific images appear from Yemen , Syria of starving/dead/wounded/burned kids, cities, towns, villages & everything turning into ashes.

Iraq is a wound that refuses to heal. Libya has become a safe haven for terrorists.

Complete civilizations have just vanished & been washed away, taken by waves of violence, terrorism, impoverishment, & wars.

Organ Trafficking is on rise.

In Africa the legacy left behind by colonization & things in the form of ‘Divide To Rule’ has payed off, the people are extremely divided, starved, intellectually, socially, economically, mentally  are impoverished, they became exactly like an image I saw a long time ago ‘ A naked surprised/stunned starving man sitting atop of a mountain of wealth, but he’s too weak/amazed/disoriented/disorganized & washed by internal battles & saga’s that prevent him from extracting the wealth out of the mountain he’s sitting on & uplifting himself & everyone out of poverty.’

They played that African & tricked him to the point that all he sees when he looks to life in the face , & the reflection he gets back is ‘Defeat,death,hunger,disease, & illiteracy.’ One moment they say to him a ‘White brain is superior to yours’, & then they come up with another new theory ‘ There’s nothing you can do against an Asian brain!’, they just want to keep him in chains & at war with everything & everyone.

& the dressing, seasoning that comes atop all of this in Africa is ‘corrupt politics & politicians.’

In Latin America they aren’t better than Africans,  they’re immersed & soaked in their  own gigantic battles, saga’s, & drama’s of poverty, corruption, injustice, inequality , women abuse & many other issues.

African American’s aren’t free nor safe at a place that sees & sells itself as an ‘Exceptional Country & Greatest Nation On Earth!’  What a tragedy, moral bankruptcy & failure; too great & exceptional to save the lives of it’s own blood & flesh.

The world around us isn’t OK. , life for many is in dire calamity , this impacts us in many ways, takes its toll on us, leaving so many marks on the mind, heart & soul.

After following news mediums & social media mediums of all sorts you’ll be left with one feeling ‘ The deaths, hideous crimes done by criminals & horrific news exceeds the good news, charity & inventions that humans are making.’

Some who falsely claim to be humans have increased the number of graves everywhere, people are dying & suffering from all sorts of things everywhere.


Lies Are Like Drugs

Today a Syrian guy,  a pro-Assad posted an image of Pope Francis kissing the hand of  some of the Holocaust survivors,  the guy claims that he’s bowing & kissing the hands of one of the wealthiest Jewish families in the world, the caption coming with the images is implies something like ‘ What to expect if even the Pope is in the hands of the Jew?!


What’s wrong with our brains? Why do we chose to shut our eyes & ears, then take any narrative from here & there without questioning:

1-Who’s the author?

2-What are they saying & why’re they saying it/Aim?

3-The source/medium background?

4-What’s their bias?

5-What’s their knowledge/experience?

6-Are they credible/trustworthy?


You should do this with everything, don’t be selective & apply this for only some issues & matters, no, do this with everything. Don’t take anything from anyone, question everything, think & search for yourself.


Why hasn’t anyone done like some groups & said when the Pope was kissing the feet of immigrants, prisoners & Muslims & washing it, he’s in the pockets of those groups?!


Lies are like drugs & some become so hooked up with it & can never repent. The lies they spread becomes like a reality, thus they lose the ability to differentiate it from truth, & by time goes they believe them & assume it to be the truth!


How can some go spreading lies everywhere to everyone like this about everything, from  trivial to gigantic things & not for a second stop & think of ‘Honesty’?

They do so because they’re cheap & let me here quote Warren Buffet:

‘Honest is a very expensive gift, don’t expect if from cheap people!’



Below in the article is one of the photos that was used as a propaganda.


Fight For Your Life & Dreams

‘Stop letting people who do so little for you control your mind, feelings & emotions.’ Will Smith

I would add stop anyone who does NOTHING for you from controlling you.

You must have a vision for your  life, anyone not helping  you move upward, & wants to keep you at the bottom to prey on you delete him/her/them from your life.

You live once, live correctly & by & on your own terms.

You’re the captain of your life’s ship, you’re the director, you call the shots not anyone else, you are the author of your life’s book, you write all the chapters, no one else has the right to write your life’s story for you.

& remember:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  

Mahatma Gandhi

Now stand up for you, & go fight for your life & dreams.

My Life…

Would have been different, if they would have enabled me to become assistant lecturer at 2010, but I didn’t have the ‘ Clan Influence’ needed to land such job!

I was placed in jobs that sucked life out of me & where there must be men to harass, abuse, exploit, damage, assault,  & destroy me, not jobs that enabled me to grow at any level, only ones that can do further damage & destruction to everything in me & all that I represent.

To the moron that was laughing at me , actually they’re many! (You’re where you’re because of the clan effect, & because Mr.X who opened that door for you.)


Am sure a lot of great things are going to happen very soon to me, I’ve worked hard all my life to have a great life.