Sometimes                                                                                                                   (1) 

 Sometimes things aren’t as they appear

Looks deceive us,

& we just can’t help ourselves!



Family Photo

Everyone envied how they looked

The mansion

The latest vehicles

The bank account

The stocks

The wealth they inherited

In the eyes of people

They’re ‘The Perfect Family’

From outside things were glittering

From inside things were rotten

The husband was a ‘Sex Addict’

Anything in skirts would turn him on

He fathered many children

His wife lost counting

& any hope to fix him

The wife didn’t want to vacate all the wealth

She had her revenge

For her shattered dignity

In her own way

Not an honourable one

But she said to herself ‘A Tit for Tat!’

She slept with everyone connected to her husband

She wanted them to despise the man who couldn’t satisfy such a beautiful lady

To laugh at the fool right in front of them

Who thought of them as his friends

While they had their way with his woman

& to give him the final blow

None of his late children with her were his!


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