Sometimes                                                                                                                   (2) 


Sometimes things aren’t as they appear

Looks deceive us,

& we just can’t help ourselves!


Patriotic Politician

Everyone was taken by his love for his country

He energized & inspired masses

He was an idol

The perfect role model

Parents prayed their children would be

Like him someday

He promised everyone a ton of things

Told them that he was the answer to their prayers

That he’ll always be one of them

His door open for everyone

That was before he got his current post

When he was a nobody

When his wife too

Looked too much out of place

Authority changes everything






Lifestyle & everything in between

He sold everything precious that once belonged to the people

He became the man of the 1%

 The multinationals

The tycoons

The bankers

The brokers

The warmongers

The arms dealers

The pharmaceutical industry

He made secret deals

Profited from his post

Seashores & coastlines became a chemical waste & toxins dumpster

Unethical corrupt countries

Who wanted to get rid of toxins at any expense

Buried their wastes in his country

Others stole the oil & minerals

& the fisheries & marine resources

They told him ‘Your people are dumb anyway, they can’t tell the difference between Sardine, Solomon & Shrimp, & our people are hungry!’

He sold libraries & then turned them into mansions & malls

He liquidated the whole country into his overseas bank accounts

(To be continued…..)


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