I Need Your Advice on Violence, Abuse, Harassment & Unemployment


There’s nothing as painful as a grown up woman saying that she had been subjected to violence, abuse, & harm & living such experience at the hands of those who should have protected her.

I wanted to protect WORDPRESS from the horrors am subjected to, but  it seems like it won’t happen.


Violence was practiced against me from childhood, & became worse as I became disabled in 2009( A group of men made a dirty plot, their aim was that they wanted to force me to do unethical things, & when I refused, they said; you will pay the price of your refusal.)

Those who call themselves (family) -that should be the last thing on earth I should call them- they had forced upon me all forms of abuse, violence & even food deprivation  , & am unable to protect myself from them & that country where I live, which is as worse as them when it comes to me (Everyday am insulted, abused & harassed , used to ignore but I started to stand up for myself .)

Am threatened every now & then by them due to my unemployment & disability to be kicked out of their house, I tried to find a job to protect myself from their harm & the likes of them, but had no luck, & many times I was taken advantage of, harmed & abused in most spots I was working in, because we’re an oral society (Most people know one another) & they knew what kind of family I had,  so most jobs I had, had devastating affect on me on every aspect.

I need your advice, how can I find a job to protect & support myself?

What can I do to protect myself?


4 thoughts on “I Need Your Advice on Violence, Abuse, Harassment & Unemployment

  1. It is very sad for me to read your story! I cannot imagine that your own family members would have such little respect for you as a woman and also as a person. Are there no legal paths you could take in your society to protect you? Are there people you can trust who would stand with you against such abuse? I will pray that you find a way to become free of this unthinkable abuse.

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    • No help at all, not of any kind, & worst of all; is the threat to be kicked out into the street with my unemployment & disabilit, as I told you even on the street things are very awful & I swear by God’s name they do evil things to me whenever I step out of the home(What kind of Muslims/Humans are those?), no safety inside the house nor outside! & every job & post I took was doomsday (except one), what had I done to God, what is he punishing me for? I can write books on what is done to me, I lived a hard life & it became harder since I became disabled.


      • Try killing them with Love… This may sound trite, but Jesus said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who would persecute you.” Shame them with Love!
        This may not be the answer for you, but it is the only thing you have that you can control!


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