The Unconnected Dots

24 September

Happening in a country that trades in cattle & people to make ENDS MEET

She hated her so much

Always wished for her death

& finally got her wish

The white master & then

A black master who saw her

Fall in love with her

Her mummy wanted to feed her kids

& she didn’t mind how

& the guys in the town who loved the mommy

Wanted that girl too out of sight

Just like they got rid of the husband

The person they hated was sent away

After years the two vampires who got bloodier by the years

With their friends too,  becoming worse


We don’t want that kid back

They made a plot with a variety of people from all walks of life

They settled on the following

‘Let’s throw her from the top of a building.’


They did


For the funeral,  they bought flower seeds from ‘Walmart’

To be planted in January, then to be placed on her grave by ‘July’

The girl  everyone hated & wanted dead



& those who almost killed her

Wrote on her graduation certificate ‘Awarded the degree on

24 September’

She is now

Planting the seeds of the flowers they bought for her funeral

To enjoy their sight & smell if they blossom

Isn’t life IRONIC?!




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