The World Will Be Destroyed By You


Exactly my friends, if we had established any relationship or connection since I started ‘Blogging’, am not here to collect a few ‘Likes’ & ‘Comments’, even though those are great & I thank you for them, but am here to ‘Build my own tribe, family & friends’, to build something beautiful despite the many horrible things that surround us in every corner & in particular surround me, & for the passion I’ve for writing.


This blog means a lot to me, am reaching out for each one of you, those whom I know, & the ones that I’ve not yet known.

If I’s doing like the celebrities & posting images that showed so much flesh, my butt & bosom,or was writing something ‘Pornographic’ would I’ve caught more attention?!


But seeking advice & help from your fellow brothers & sisters in humanity is not worth’ Any One’s Cup Of Tea’, those who practice violence, abuse, harm & harassment towards me & asked me to

‘Commit Suicide By Taking Poison’ have said that exactly (Who cares what goes wrong with you?)’


That’s why no one rescued me from the hands of the men who wanted to force me into ‘Prostitution’ , not even the man I fall in love with,  whom they used as a ‘Hook’ to lure me into falling into their trap,

That ‘Palestinian’ man whom they used as a hook who I thought was an angel due to my blindness, couldn’t text me with a 5 penny text saying ‘Stay alert they want to harm you’ , he was like you my friends.


How can we remain silent when crimes & ill are occurring towards the innocent, what does that make us look like? How can we go on with our lives knowing that we could have stopped a major ill or crime from happening but we have chosen to look the other way, & pretend nothing went wrong, how can we do that?


In 2009 no one rescued me, everyone was just a ‘Bystander’ watching the unfolding of another case related to sex/human trafficking , & the result was that (Someone was almost killed after falling from the 7th floor, & now lives with disability , fractures ,various injuries & is subjected everyday to all forms of violence at the hands of everyone, & the criminals who did all crimes towards them got away with it.)

& again nobody is there to interfere!



The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything ― Albert Einstein



9 thoughts on “The World Will Be Destroyed By You

        • In the last hell where I was working where I was day & night abused,harmed, harassed, plus doing all sorts of violations against me, the Jew boss sent an Indian lady to evaluate things to see what is wrong, she’s like you influenced by the Hindi movies & Bollywood, maybe lacked morals & conscience, let’s not forget Indians are 1.3 billion souls, she needed to keep food on her table, she sided with the men who were committing ill towards me, shoved everything under the carpet, like no horrors were done to me, never mentioned the truth & she had to make the Jew boss happy too. I’ll ask any Jew if they’re all like that Jew boss, but since you’re here & you’re Indian (Do Indians side with what is right, humanity, morals & truth, or do they put first keeping food on their tables?!) What u read is my story, whether you believe it or not it’s your own business, but I will mourn the death of your conscience & sight!

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        • I think the Jew boss & the Indian lady , like all Americans & English are on the side of the folks who harmed me, plus the side of the piece of shit ‘The Bikini Girl’ they created who asked me to take my own life by drinking poison, she’s the person whom my life had been destroyed for, she can’t be happy & wear bikini for her masters except by destroying me. I’m 100% sure even that Jew & Indian like USA & UK are with her! But why am I saying this to you?!
          Everything seems like a work of fiction to you my friend, as if coming straight out from BOLLYWOOD!

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          • Not everything seems like a work of fiction…

            I am well aware of the hypocrisy in this world.

            Don’t forget, Hindus and Muslims lived together for centuries in India. From 1858, the British played the divide and rule game, which ended in the Partition of India.

            The Brits acted as though they were always in the right


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