Me Bruised, Let The Internet See Me Beaten Or The World Wants Us To Weep In Dark Rooms


5 thoughts on “Me Bruised, Let The Internet See Me Beaten Or The World Wants Us To Weep In Dark Rooms

    • I thought education will protect me, the only thing I have done all my life was to study, didn’t go to that party, didn’t buy that wow dress, didn’t go to that wow beauty salon, didn’t go on a date, am thirty something years of age, am a (Muslim Nun) if such thing ever exists! & the only thing I ever did on this earth is/was study but cant protect myself with my education, can’t find a job with my education that never puts me at the mercy of the people & country that does this to me. The people who do such horrors against me & their country say my education is worth nothing; they want me to lose hoe that through my eucation I can make a better life & escape the domestic violence hell then sell myself to one of their pigs, & that will never happen

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      • This is beyond words and my heart breaks to read your lines. I know words can’t make things better and will bring little comfort, but I hope you know that what you hold dear to yourself such as your education is worth everything. Even if it is just to you and won’t help at the moment. However I wish I could help and I am connected go you in spirit and prayer. Hugs and best wishes to you. Please stay in touch.


    • & along all this is the drugging period, am given things to become ill in all ways, allergy, headache, muscle pain, then after all the beating, harm, abuse, intimidation which happens in groups am told (U will be kicked out of house, or will be placed at an institution for the mentally ill), & believe me they say we’re Muslims (doubt if they follow any religion at all, no religion allows all such harm & abuse), their country also which is bullshit allows such things, & I’s told a long time ago by a group of men who led to my disability after similar tragedy( We will place you in a cell & come fuck you for free), so the mental institution they’re talking about is a way to make it easier for the men who wanted me to do unethical things to me, since they failed in all their other criminal efforts to make a prostitute out of m this way they are giving access to those men who said we’ll do whatever we want to you.


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