Should We Hide, Victims Of Violence?

Should we behave like many victims of violence; hide everything under the rug & act like we’re living in a merry life, though reality is we’re living in a hell!

I won’t do so! Let the internet & world save pictures of the domestic violence committed against me.
Am counting the days to become very rich & become the master of my own destiny, from my hard work, & I will never do like other girls, think that the only way to escape this hell is to tie myself to a fucking bastard, who will exploit my ill circumstances(Me lacking any true support, family & loved ones who got my back if they ever show another face)!
I was told I had hit myself. & then am told today they never harmed me!
Some sell their kids that way, they abuse them & girls run with all sorts of bloody bastards, & have a life that is more like death! But they settle to such death & hell because they know what they had escaped,  some later on take their own lives, actually a woman I knew married a guy after she had a wild life (Affairs Before Marriage), he abused her because of her past & she set fire in herself! The guy is happily married now! After he had his wild ride with a wild woman leading her to taking her own life!
A European pig with high status stated that am beaten coz I make those who do all those horrors against me angry! Crazy talk, the guy who is talking in such filthy manner got a big post .

Beating, insults, humiliation, intimidation, group abuse, harm & harassment.

Aren’t some Muslim families great & also the corrupt hypocritical west who supports them,  just like they support dictators of the Middle East whom are killing everyone!!!!


2 thoughts on “Should We Hide, Victims Of Violence?

  1. Domestic abuse is a blight on all cultures and groups – it knows no boundaries. It’s a blight on humanity and must be stopped. I’m sorry that you had to endure this, and I hope for the day that you are no longer threatened and abused.

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