Lies Are Like Drugs

Today a Syrian guy,  a pro-Assad posted an image of Pope Francis kissing the hand of  some of the Holocaust survivors,  the guy claims that he’s bowing & kissing the hands of one of the wealthiest Jewish families in the world, the caption coming with the images is implies something like ‘ What to expect if even the Pope is in the hands of the Jew?!


What’s wrong with our brains? Why do we chose to shut our eyes & ears, then take any narrative from here & there without questioning:

1-Who’s the author?

2-What are they saying & why’re they saying it/Aim?

3-The source/medium background?

4-What’s their bias?

5-What’s their knowledge/experience?

6-Are they credible/trustworthy?


You should do this with everything, don’t be selective & apply this for only some issues & matters, no, do this with everything. Don’t take anything from anyone, question everything, think & search for yourself.


Why hasn’t anyone done like some groups & said when the Pope was kissing the feet of immigrants, prisoners & Muslims & washing it, he’s in the pockets of those groups?!


Lies are like drugs & some become so hooked up with it & can never repent. The lies they spread becomes like a reality, thus they lose the ability to differentiate it from truth, & by time goes they believe them & assume it to be the truth!


How can some go spreading lies everywhere to everyone like this about everything, from  trivial to gigantic things & not for a second stop & think of ‘Honesty’?

They do so because they’re cheap & let me here quote Warren Buffet:

‘Honest is a very expensive gift, don’t expect if from cheap people!’



Below in the article is one of the photos that was used as a propaganda.



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