The World Around Us

Is on fire, uncountable atrocities , injustices & inequality are taking place everywhere under the sun, to the extent that one can’t breathe.

Women are forced into prostitution, sold by sex/human traffickers

Girls are Forced into early marriage, a baby is being forced to marry a criminal who should have protected her if he was a righteous individual, a criminal the same age of her grandfather

Children are sold for sex, to the point  that some countries had become number 1 destinations for  ‘Child Prostitution’  &  ‘Child Sex Tourism.’

Hideous & horrific images appear from Yemen , Syria of starving/dead/wounded/burned kids, cities, towns, villages & everything turning into ashes.

Iraq is a wound that refuses to heal. Libya has become a safe haven for terrorists.

Complete civilizations have just vanished & been washed away, taken by waves of violence, terrorism, impoverishment, & wars.

Organ Trafficking is on rise.

In Africa the legacy left behind by colonization & things in the form of ‘Divide To Rule’ has payed off, the people are extremely divided, starved, intellectually, socially, economically, mentally  are impoverished, they became exactly like an image I saw a long time ago ‘ A naked surprised/stunned starving man sitting atop of a mountain of wealth, but he’s too weak/amazed/disoriented/disorganized & washed by internal battles & saga’s that prevent him from extracting the wealth out of the mountain he’s sitting on & uplifting himself & everyone out of poverty.’

They played that African & tricked him to the point that all he sees when he looks to life in the face , & the reflection he gets back is ‘Defeat,death,hunger,disease, & illiteracy.’ One moment they say to him a ‘White brain is superior to yours’, & then they come up with another new theory ‘ There’s nothing you can do against an Asian brain!’, they just want to keep him in chains & at war with everything & everyone.

& the dressing, seasoning that comes atop all of this in Africa is ‘corrupt politics & politicians.’

In Latin America they aren’t better than Africans,  they’re immersed & soaked in their  own gigantic battles, saga’s, & drama’s of poverty, corruption, injustice, inequality , women abuse & many other issues.

African American’s aren’t free nor safe at a place that sees & sells itself as an ‘Exceptional Country & Greatest Nation On Earth!’  What a tragedy, moral bankruptcy & failure; too great & exceptional to save the lives of it’s own blood & flesh.

The world around us isn’t OK. , life for many is in dire calamity , this impacts us in many ways, takes its toll on us, leaving so many marks on the mind, heart & soul.

After following news mediums & social media mediums of all sorts you’ll be left with one feeling ‘ The deaths, hideous crimes done by criminals & horrific news exceeds the good news, charity & inventions that humans are making.’

Some who falsely claim to be humans have increased the number of graves everywhere, people are dying & suffering from all sorts of things everywhere.



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