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Her Man…

Nina Abebi Ola was saying this to herself as she’s thinking ‘Whatever way he looked he’s her man; hers alone, no one on earth will share this man with her, he is her own ALFRED HITCHCOCK, he belongs to her alone!’

How many years had they spent with each other 25yrs, & she’s 23yrs when they met & he’s 25yrs her senior! He wasn’t handsome, nothing remarkable about his looks, except kind & assuring eyes, he’s over weight, somehow short, he wouldn’t have caught any woman’s eyes, and the only magnificent thing about him back then was that he’s insanely rich!

Unlike him she’s one hell of a woman, charming, sexy, witty, breathtakingly beautiful & of course insanely poor! She didn’t fall for his wealth, the glamour & air around him, it was his kindness, life is tough for many men & women in Lagos-Nigeria, & she’s ensepulchered in poverty. When she met him she’s working at one of the very lively & expensive night clubs in Lagos, she remembers what the man who runs the night club told her when she approached him to work at the place ‘Dressed & fed poorly, very thin shape, but you got the looks after a little bit of polishing you gonna rock this place.’

& that’s it, after few weeks, many clients had begun to hover over the place just to get a sight of her, & she never did anything but smile, sweet talk, a silly joke here & there & that seemed enough; they all be became hooked & addicted to her.

Someone must have told him of her, he came every night then requested from her manager that she exclusively serves him, she wondered what would he ask her to do, nothing, he never even ordered drinks, or even talked to her! He just sat there watched everyone & by the time left; he’d always leave huge tips, large sums of money. With those tips & her salary she managed to take her whole family from the slum, rented a better house, enrolled her three siblings into school, & finally brought a maid to her ailing mother, no more working as a maid herself (her mother) at multiple house to barley feed them, finally someone is working for her.

One night after he arrived at the club, he’s just there for few minutes he gave her a business card then said ‘ Come to this address at 10 am wearing decent cloth, not your show business vulgar dresses, dress like a business woman or a university girl, wear something nice & decent.’  With that he’s gone  leaving her another big tip!

She took the night off, told the manager she needs to do something, went shopping & bought some fine cloth, makeup, perfume, shoes, some gifts for the rest of the family & lots of food, vegetables, fruits & chocolates.


When she arrived at the address she thought it will be a nice office or at worst it will be an apartment & then he’ll ask her to do some crazy stuff, then she’d tell him that she isn’t that kind of a girl, & if he asks her why had she come then if she isn’t that kind of a girl, she’ll tell him ‘To see why you’re giving me all those tips all those past months & finally reveal you for the kind of man you’re ‘An ugly looking fat sex maniac.’

But this was the biggest corporation that she’d ever seen, she never seen one in real life, just on the screen, the only job she did was that at the club! She went in, a security man asked for her identity card & once he’s seen it he informed her that she can go, a middle aged lady took her to Mr. Charles Ola, once she’s in his office he asked her to have a seat, then smiled saying ‘Nina am not  a saint, but I want to save you, I don’t work in the shit they call ‘Aid/humanitarian work’ where they do nothing but receive billions of dollars falsely claiming to aid the poor that then ends in the pockets & bank accounts of the ‘Big  Corrupt Beasts/Wolves’ & their boys & girls who entertain them or the likes of them, but I’m a man with an insight, experience,  intuition, & my gut tells me that this club is very wrong for you, you aren’t that type of girl.’

She’s speechless & all that she could do is look at him with her wide beautiful eyes & then he continued saying ‘ From tonight there’s no going to that club, & you can give Mrs. Mary Ann your new address, a car will fetch you in the morning to your new job.’

Then he added ‘The only person I can trust you with is Mary, so in the coming months she’ll be mentoring you, I’ve also enrolled you at the university, you will earn a degree, work hard, & have a better life, what do you say?!’

She didn’t know what to say, tears falling from her eyes as if the sky has rained suddenly, the only word she managed to utter was ‘Why?’

He looked at her & she saw something very strange something she never saw at the night club (Desire, interest & something else she couldn’t name), he said icily to her ‘Grab & exploit the opportunity, an ugly old man has just offered you your only ticket out of poverty & all that you can say is why?! If am you, I’d thank the lord & start doing as I’m asked.’

He then went on saying ‘Tell me you didn’t think the address was either for a hotel room, apartment or my villa & that I’ll be asking you to take me into your arms?!’ then with a much colder tone he added ‘Am not that kind of man!’

‘You see Nina when I want a woman in my bed I say it straightforward, I don’t make a fuss, & guess what they don’t care about the looks, my weight or even smell if I have one,  they just through themselves in my arms all for the money!’

He stood up, helped her up & took her hands, held them while looking in her eyes ‘That club isn’t for girls like you & if you don’t do as am telling you, I’ll  pick that phone right now ask Danny the manager to fire you, & then tell me how will you pay for the new apartment, the school for your siblings & everything else, I know a lot about you, & I’ve your interest in my heart, will you help me help you?!’

Her voice shaking, as a domesticated obedient student would say to the principal or teacher she said ‘I’ll be here first thing in the morning.’


That’s how she started working for Charles, working & going to university, he’s always kind & a gentleman in regards to everything that involved her, she became his personal assistant, he taught her a lot of things, in business, life & in nearly everything,  he kept his distance, always polite, decent & cold!

Till he invited her to dinner one night, when she turned 25yrs & he throw her a birthday party, brought various gifts for her & then as they were sitting in peace watching the dancers around them, listening to the music, he spoke breathlessly & in a very shaky voice for the first time since she saw him ‘Nina would you marry me?’

This time she didn’t do like she did when he offered her the job she said ‘Yes’ right away.


It was the very best thing she did, three sons, a life that she’d never imagined that she’ll have, she didn’t even dare to dream she’ll even have one like this even in her wildest dreams! He’d even taken care of all of her family, he helped everyone of them stand on their feet & fight for a better life, which they all got, everything was fine till with her female radar she sensed something is wrong with him, he took another room, started dying his hair, exercising, spending most of his time outside, if he’s working on making her jealous, well it’s working & she’s going out of her mind!


She didn’t eat her breakfast, instead waited for him to join her, & spent time turning the pages of various magazines, & listening to music, when he finally joined her, he looked very different & her heart sank.

‘What’s this?’ she said

‘What honey?’ he said

‘Your face & what the hell have you done to your glasses? Doctor’s orders are; you don’t do anything without them!’ She said, her loud voice shaking the walls of the entire house.

‘Being young is great for you, you got nothing to worry about for now, but am getting very old & being wealthy works miracles for us baby, we need to spend the money & let those miserable beauty/cosmetic surgery guys be able to feed themselves!  I made a small surgery both for my eyes & face.’  He said in a sarcastic tone.

She looked at him, stood up & said threateningly ‘Charles Ola you better watch out for yourself, because I smell something stinky going on here & if there’s another woman, guess what?! Third world war is what you’ll get baby!’

He laughed loudly & deeply ‘Am really liking this, this woman still loves this old  obese man after all those years, am going to send a bonus for that doctor again, he deserves it!’

He stood up & took her in his arms ‘There’s & there’ll never be another woman, I got more than what I asked for, a good woman & three wonderful sons, I didn’t want you to feel like you’re dragging your grandfather beside you whenever we join other folks, I want you to be proud of me.’

She took his face in her hands, gave him a long deep kiss & then said ‘Don’t you ever listen to those crazy people Charles on TV, internet, radio, papers, media or anywhere else, I love you just the way you’re, you’ll always be the finest man for me, nobody no matter how good looking they’re will be or is like you, & if you become unable to walk, I’ll be pushing you around in wheelchair to everywhere  I go, shouting to every woman ‘this great man is mine, he’s taken, he’s with a crazy woman & if you care for safety –Stay away’, I’ll be loving you till death do us apart & I’ll be loving you in my grave!’

Then she added devilishly ‘& am turning that room of yours into a gym  room for us & the boys & no more sleeping alone there you hear me!’

He laughed & raised his hand to his forehead saying ‘Yes commander!’

They hugged tightly laughing & crying joyfully thanking their lord for making them find one another.


Now You Can See Me

 Am the wo/man who made you sit on that chair that you’re unable to fill, those shoes which are too big for you to walk in, the ones you convinced us that you’re the right wo/man to fill them, am that person who gave you your so many years of fame & glory, because I’s a fool & have fallen & bought all the lies that you’re selling! Those days are over, me being your fool.



Albert Einstein has a quote that says ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ People can’t afford & don’t have the luxury of making the same political choices & then wait & expect different results. People want & need change now & immediate tangible results on the ground.


There’s a new wave raising in the whole world, one arising from masses  who’re dissatisfied with the current political status quo,  just like the Middle East; many societies are currently undergoing a massive shift in its traditional political preferences. What seemed as the normal course has become very abnormal to the masses. As politicians are failing over & over to deliver & keep up the promises they made to their people, the angry & dissatisfied masses decided to take matters into their own hands, regardless of what the consequences might be, from the point of view of the masses; anything & any consequences is better than living in the same sphere with politicians whom seem very disconnected from their citizens, & only giving them their care & attention  when in need for their votes.


One tends to wonder ‘How on earth do those politicians seem to be 100% sure that everything will turn into their favour when all what they had managed to do is providing their citizens with only more & more lies?!’


The masses want to see immediate & tangible changes occurring within every aspect in their lives as been promised by those they had placed in power, but to the masses dismay, the politicians only serve a very small & narrow minority whom in the first place don’t even need such help from those in power at all. In other words the 1% whom every politician is serving should be the ones assisting their governments & citizens, but that’s not the case, everyone at every level is working for the 1%!


Despite what all the masses are told by those who claim to know better, the experts, the intellectuals, the wo/men with big mouths & loud voices, & everyone  else that disguises themselves as carrying the best interest of people in their hearts, the masses always seem to act completely the opposite & to the contrary of the predictions & expectations of their politicians, this can be observed in every corner across the globe, as if the people had woken up finally & are telling their politicians the following ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.’


People did this in Greece, Italy, Germany, UK & many other places all over the world, & will continue to behave in such manner till their interests are taken seriously.


Politicians really need to start paying attention because a new wave has begun, taking a close look at what people are doing, there’s no turning back & the outcome isn’t going to please those who always had things for/in their favour & also for those who only served them.


Imagine that the people whom you had let down have this message to you:


Now I can’t put food on the table, live in a decent house, pay the bills, the medicine, the kids schools, have warmth/heat at my home, some of us can’t even afford to buy bread or milk like some folks in Greece, some spend sleepless nights in rooms that have turned into refrigerators, the masses are in dire condition & broke on all levels because of you.

I’s your beloved when you’re collecting our voices, once the game was over, we become insignificant to you! You work for everyone but us!


NOW you can see us/me; the invisibles we made a universal vow/oath to turn all the tables on/against you(Guess what, we learned from the worst; YOU),  & every time they give us new labels (The uneducated, the folks with zero intellectual ability, the pensioners, the retired, the bigots, & a variety of a very different, long & false other names/labels).

Who are we?!



Neither here nor there

(This’s an assignment I wrote for a writing course am taking, have a look & let me know what you think!)

Maria Clara turns her gaze across the room to the kitchen table & stops there; at the little bent head eating his very modest breakfast as if he’s the son of the king having the most expensive & diversified meal on earth, no, as if he’s the king himself!

Every day she thanks the lord for sending this miracle to her, & for giving her & Fernando the most amazing of all gifts; this bundle of joy that made & added a new meaning & brought more balance & sense to their lives.


He called them mama & papa but the kids from his school & in the neighbourhood made it no secret to him ‘ You are not the son of Maria Clara & Fernando, you’re a nobody,  & you were left at the Martinez’s door & they took you in.’

‘Do you think you’re one of us?’ they would say to him.

‘I’m Luis Martinez son of Maria Carla & Fernando Martinez!’ he would yell back at them, but whatever he says never seems to convince them.

‘Have you looked in the mirror?’ they would continue ‘There’s nothing of them in you.’

‘Yes, am very handsome because all their goodness & love was poured into me.’

Then they would come after him, take turns beating him, empty his school bag, steal the sandwiches, his pocket money, most of his belongings & then they’d tear his books & leave him.

Same fight, same argument & same vicious attack. Kids, those little angels when the devil possesses them they can say & do the meanest things that can stop you dead in your tracks.


Once at school he never mentions what went wrong to any of the teachers, they will come after him again, & it will not be nice! He takes all the blame, in regards to everything, how he, his belongings & books looks, swallow all the injustice & wait for the end of the school day, to go to his parents home where such hate & violence doesn’t exist.

He stopped using the school bus because of all the bullying, he walks to school now, & he didn’t mention that as well to his parents, they have tons of problems.

Since he started his walk to school, he noticed a beautiful girl who dresses like the nuns at the church where he often goes with his parents, she too walks to his school.

He started walking with her without any talk, each day they walk with no talk beside each other to school, once they arrive at the gates, they would look at each other, nod their heads & go to their classes. Again they would wait for each other by the end of the school day & walk home. For days this had been their routine, a peaceful walk with no talk.

One day little Luis gathered his courage & said to his friend walking beside him ‘Am Luis Martinez.’

The little girl smiled half a smile & said ‘I thought you’d never ask, am Qut al-qulub.’

Puzzled he shook his head as if he gets what she said.

She laughed & said ‘C’mon ask me, what kind of a name is this?!’

‘That isn’t polite, to make fun of other people’s names & things like that.’

‘No, it’s okay, we’re in America ‘Land of the brave & free’, you can ask me anything am Muslim,  my mom is from Asia, & my father is from Kuwait, he’s a ‘Bedoon’ & we escaped to America because after a few years you can become an American.’

Luis astonishingly looks at her again saying ‘I thought you said your mom is from Asia & your dad is from where?  Kuwait.’

She shrugged her shoulders carelessly ‘He is not anyone there.’

‘Like me.’ Luis whispers to himself, that’s what everyone except my parents are saying about me!

Qut al-qulub said ‘The ‘Bedoon’ people are without identity & no one wants to grant them a nationality.’

Luis stared at her & then said ‘There’re a lot like your people here too, from what I hear from my community, huge numbers of people who spent all their lives in America are denied everything, they have became nobody’s too, they aren’t Americans or Latino’s/Hispanic’s anymore!’

His friend looked at him with her eyes welling with tears ‘People are doing bad things to each other everywhere!’

They walk again in silence, little Luis determined more than ever to talk to his parents tonight & in the coming days about what was going on with him, & he’ll ask them about everything.

For Men Who Hate ‘Housework’

Take the day off,

Am not your boss,

But someone who cares


Go home,

Tell your beautiful wife

Today is a vacation

Go do more of things you adore

Stand in the kitchen & cook

Cut the onions & shed some tears

They will cleanse your soul

They can wash away all the tension

Things that disturbs you

Angers & frustrates you

& if anyone sees you

You’ll have the onions to blame!

Now wash the dishes

Dry them

Clean the floor

Tidy the rooms & air them

Then do the laundry

Iron them

Mow the grass

Take the garbage out



You remember your wife always dreaming of changing the colour of your living room

Be a champion, paint the room




Now that you have the house in order

The meal ready

Set the dining table & decorate it with the roses she loves the most

Light the candles that are still kept in the drawer for years

For that anticipated romantic dinner you both fantasized about for years

But never manage to make it come true

Because she’s always got her hands full of chores

& you’re always away & arrive when she goes to bed

She went early to bed not for being a fat & lazy woman

But because her back is broken from trying to please you



Now when your woman arrives

& witnesses all the magic & wonder you managed to make

While she was away to have a day just for herself

& you see that beautiful smile you adore shinning through her eyes

You will realize how unmanly it is for any man to create one work for women & another for men

& claim that it’s not a man’s work to do ‘House Work’

& you see marriage isn’t a corporation

With you being the boss

& your wife the subordinate

Nor you’re a cave man who’s gone to hunt




Marriage is a sacred bond

A partnership

A companionship

A journey that can only be made by partners being there for each other & having each other’s back

& loving & normal couples ‘Share everything’ even ‘Housework’


قرأت عن قصة صبى سأل أباه الذى كان دائم الأنشغال عن سبب ذلك الغياب المؤلم، فأجاب الأب:أنه يعمل حتى يوفر لذلك الصبى و الأسرة حياة كريمة. فيسأل الصبى والده:كم تأخذ فى الساعة؟ فيخبره الأب عن رقم معين. الصبى بعد فترة يأتى بمبلغ من المال ثم يطلب من والده  قضاء بعض الوقت معه بعد  ان أعطاه ما جمعه من أموال قائلا: تفضل ذلك ما تتقضاه فى الساعة أرجوك أقضى معى بعض الوقت!

درست التسويق الى جانب دراستى للأعلام ، بالأضافة الى تخصصات شتى، و لكن النقطة التى أريد التركيز عليها هى؛ فكرة يستخدمها  العاملون فى التسويق و فى مجال الدعاية و الأعلان عند بيعهم بعض الخدمات التى تقدمها قطاعات عدة سواء فى مجال الطيران ، المطاعم او الفندقة محتواها الاتى

“We Sell Experience & Memories”

  لب الفكرة التى تستخدم فى أغراض الدعاية و الاعلان هى “أننا نبيع خبرات و ذكريات”، الناس تشترى تلك الذكريات و الخبرات كى تحيا عليها و تواجه بها تقلبات الدهر، هذه كلها لها علاقة “بالمشاعر و الأحاسيس”، أذا لماذ لا نستثمر منذ البداية فى تلك الأشياء المتعلقة بالمشاعر و الأحاسيس، لماذا نشتريها لاحقا من هنا أو هناك ، و هى ربما كانت متاحة لنا مجانا من قبل أحبابنا ، من يهتمون بأمرنا , ابناءنا و شركائنا فى الحياة؟

 تخيل المشهد التالى: زوجان أمضيا فترة الشباب فى اللاهث وراء رغيف الخبز، توفير السكن، الصحة ،الدراسة الرفيعة و الراقية لأبناءهم، جل فترة الشباب و خصوصا للأباء من تلك العينة تتمركز حول جمع المال، حتى تحيا الأسرة حياة كريمة ( و نحن بحاجة أيضا لتحديد تلك الحياة الكريمة ثم نطرح أشياء كثيرة تتخلى عنها الأسرة نفسيا و عاطفيا فى الوصول لتلك الحياة الكريمة، ثم ننظر و نتأمل فى الحصيلة المتبقية هل هى حقا الحياة الجميلة التى كان من الممكن ان تحياها تلك العائلة  ؟)

فى مرحلة ما، عندما يصبح الزوج و الزوجة كهلان، و بعد ان يستقل جميع الأبناء بحياتهم الخاصة يقررا السفر حول العالم و أكتشاف الكثير من الأشياء التى غابت عنهما بسبب أنشغال الأب بالعمل المتواصل ، و أنصراف الأم للقيام بواجباتها تجاه الأسرة، هكذا فى حين غفلة، ضاع من الأثنين أشياء كثيرة نتيجة أختيارات بدت لهما فى تلك الفترة من العمر أنها صائبة، لكن ربما حين تقل التزامات و ضغوطات الحياة، يتساءلان     عن مدى صحة أختيارات شتى

هما الان يقومان بشراء وعود  شركات الأعلان”الخبرات و الذكريات” ، لعلها تصبح شيئا يكون سند و حصن فى مواجهة الشيخوخة ، او ربما يريد الزوج تعويض الزوجة عن الأشياء التى ضاعت نتيجة سنوات الغياب.  ماذا عن الأبناء؟ و هل تعتبر تلك الزوجة هذه الرحلات او أى شىء  قد يقدمه الزوج التعويض الملائم؟!

و لكن ما يغفل عنه فى كثير من الأحيان من قبل هولاء الأباء ، أنه أشياء قيمة كثيرة تضيع منهم خلال ذلك الركض المتواصل المحموم ؛ الزوجة و الأبناء

 هذا الأب كان غائبا فى كثير من الذكريات الجميلة و العميقة مثل: حين نطق الأبن أو الأبنة أول كلمة لهما ايا كانت هذه الكلمات ، لم يكن متواجدا حين قام الأبن أو الأبنة بخطو أول خطوة لهما،أو حين كانا يمارسان العابهما المفضلة، أو حين حفظا أول صورة من القران الكريم، الكثير من حفلات التخرج، و غيرها من  الكثير من المناسبات  السارة التى كانت لتقوى أواصر الرباطة بين الأب، الأم  و أطفالهما

و بسبب ذلك الغياب المتكرر من حياة الأبناء تخلق فجوة بينهما، فما الأب الا بنك أو ماكينة لسحب الأمول ، و ذلك هو الدور الذى أختاره و أرتضاه لنفسه ، ان يمد الأسرة بالمال، فتنشأ رابطة مادية بين الأثنين، فالأم هى الوتد و النواة لكل ما هو مهم فى حياة الأبناء، و الوالد أصبح محفظة الأسرة. فى أحيان كثيرة  يصرخ العديد من الأباء لأنهم ما باتوا يعرفون أبناءهم، أو بان جيل الشباب جيل غير مفهوم! و يتساءل المرء: عن أى أبناء يتحدثون؟ فى عائلات عدة قد يكون أفراد شتى كثر، أكثر دراية بتفاصيل كثيرة يكون الأب بها جاهلا نتيجة غيابه عن الأسرة!

لا مائدة الطعام تجمع الأم، الأب و لا الأبناء، و لا أى نوع من  المناسبات  ،و لا أ ى نوع من الحوارات.    ان المتأمل المشفق على حال الكثير من  الأسر لربما يصاب بغمة و حزن كبيرين من الحال الذى وصلت اليه هذه الأسر، الأم باتت تقوم بدور الأب و دورها، و الزوج فى غياب دائم عن المنزل مهملا الأم و الأبناء، أكثر البيوت باتت على هذا المنوال الا من رحم الله،  و تحول المنزل و العلاقة التى كان من المفترض ان تكون مليئة بالدف و الحب ، و أساسها السكينة الى علاقة نزيل فى غياب دائم بالفندق الذى يقيم فيه، المنزل أصبح مكان للنوم، تناول الوجبات فى بعض الأحيان و مغسلة لغسيل الملابس و من ثم أرتداءها نظيفة،  ثم كل هولاء الأباء يتعللون بحجة واحدة “أنا أفعل ذلك من أجل الأسرة!”

 الأب يجيب على نفسه و يصنع أعذار مختلفة،ربما لو  كان سأل الزوجة و الأبناء لربما كانوا يختارون ان يعمل أقل لينعموا بدفء وجوده بينهم

كل تلك الذكريات القيمة، التى لها معنى,أثر و وقع  كبير على نفس الأسرة، و التى يقوم الأباء بمحاولة شراءها فيما بعد، ربما بكل ما تم ادرخاه فى فترة الشباب “تحويشة العمر” ، كل تلك الأشياء الجميلة كانت موجودة داخل جدران المنزل و مجانا، من غير تكبل أى نوع من مشقة مثل (حجز تذاكر طيران,فنادق، السفر، فيزا،الخ)، أو من خلال بذل أموال طائلة. كان الكثير من الخبرات و الذكريات التى كانت صالحة للأتكاء عليها فى الكبر، متاحة مجانا، لكن بسبب ربما قصر النظر ، أو لخلل فى سلم الأولويات ، فضل هولاء الأباء الأنشغال بتكديس الأموال أو الأنشغال بتحقيق طموح شخصى فردى.

و فى مرحلة لا يجدى معها الندم أو ألقاء اللوم على أى أحد أو القول ان كل شىء حدث بسبب الظروف ، يستفيق الأب ليجد نفسه على مشارف الشيخوخة مع زوجة و أبناء كان دائم الأنشغال و الغياب عنهما، أسرة أشك فى أنه قد يدعى أنه يعرفها تمام المعرفة أو أستثمر فيها بأى شىء سوى الأموال. و كما أنصرف الأب عن الأطفال فى صغرهم، لربما ينصرفون هم أيضا عنه فى حين كبره.

و فى النهاية يحضرنى حديث الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم” ان لربك عليك حقا،و ان لنفسك عليك حقا،و لأهلك عليك حقا، فأعط كل ذى حق حقه.” 1



What’s Grey Matter & Are You Doing Enough To Protect It?

The grey matter is a very crucial part of the brain, it’s one kind of the tissue that constitutes the central nervous system, and an increase in it can lead to a boost in human IQ to an enormous levels. Such the importance arises from the wide range of activities that it does for us humans, much of those activities lead us to function normally. Those activities vary from ones that are concerned with (Learning, memory, seeing, hearing, impulse control, speech to ones which deals with decision making, & many others.)

There are a number of issues that can lead to the decline of the (Grey Matter) among them:

  1. Age
  2. Media Multitasking
  3. Stress
  4. Smoking


So how can one boost (Gray Matter)?  This can done in a number of ways through:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Meditation
  3. Playing brain & video games
  4. Consuming Right Nutrition
  5. Learning new skills
  6. Giving up on bad habits



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