The man who coaxed & caressed a fried bird!

He sat there right in front of her

With a plate containing the following:

4 spoonfuls of rice & some fried chicken

He’s disgusting with a lousy appetite

That would kill the appetite for anyone near him

She was eyeing him with great horror in her heart

Him coaxing & caressing the poor fried bird

Barely eating them

Laughing mockingly & lightly at the girl right in front of him

Deep down she was saying:

‘I bet that is his behaviour & appetite in bed too, how sad for his miserable wife, but maybe he’s divorced who knows, & she wouldn’t be blamed!’

He looks at her eating her food with great appetite as if she’s suffering from brain impairment

If only he knew what she thought of him!



Off he goes after playing with his untouched food for a couple of minutes

Touching his ugly skull with his skinny, sweaty, & shaky fingers

Leaving his jacket on the chair in front of her to sit with some veiled ladies

& he starts laughing lousy ugly laughs like everything about him

He looked like a snake & his laughs were poisonous

Just the same as his toxic soul



The poor lady that had to bear him during her lunch meets one of his girls at the evening

Accompanied by a lady in veil

She does just like him;

Leaves her jacket on a chair & says: ‘You got nothing but madness!’

Maybe that was a message from him to her, who knows!



One morning he says his mommy advised him to have his breakfast everyday

Emphasising he as per old lady recommendation that he should eat ‘Liver’!

She looks at him disgustingly & says in her heart: What else did she recommend ‘Female Genitals on your breakfast list too?!’



Oh, but she saw you eating & she knows you for being a lousy , & weak man that lacks appetite,

So stop flattering yourself!’

& play your ugly game with your other half who insulted her the other day



You two are the perfect match for each other

The same slim snake face & head

Mouth that only utters lies

Heart, soul & character that only harms & does no good & is barren from any goodness

She regrets every precious second of her life wasted inside your circle & on your lies

The false dreams you made them build & were washed away by the fact that all that you’re capable of selling are lies,  & only more & more of them.


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