The Abettor

(Hey friends this’s a short story I started writing, please let me know what you think, thanks.)


He started his career as a teacher, a job he despised so much, but that was the only option available for him to make a living. Adam Suleiman Ali knew he was put on this earth for a grand purpose, something holier, nobler, & something that will make no one in his country catch up with him. First he taught kids, then they mentioned his name to their parents, they in turn informed others & then more influential elders & those also demanded from their followers to follow this new holy figure, the God sent miracle that will rescue them & take them from their hands to the only holiest path that was available & will most certainly please the lord. He told his followers that the laziest & most lousy human being is one who fails to attend his classes & refrains from saying their prayers, all those sayings gave him a holy aura.

When he finally achieved his goal & became the number one name trusted by everyone, he informed his followers that he’s receiving & getting visions, what he’s put on earth to do is calling him; he will go to fight for the lord!

At the battle field he met warlords, warmongers, arms, human & drug traders, they trusted him with their money & told him to go back to his country to establish new businesses, that way he can always supply them both with new blood & money to keep the fighting going!

The first business he started was in trading, then his next step was media, he was always in love with hotels due to his travels, he was also enchanted by swimming pools, & women, so he turned his infatuations into tangible businesses on the ground!  But he felt something is still missing, a friend of his chatted with him & whispered in his ears that banks are now the mega whales in the money world so why not establish a bank!

This story belongs to Samia J. Hassan no part of it is be to used in any manner without the author’s permission.


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