For Men Who Hate ‘Housework’

Take the day off,

Am not your boss,

But someone who cares


Go home,

Tell your beautiful wife

Today is a vacation

Go do more of things you adore

Stand in the kitchen & cook

Cut the onions & shed some tears

They will cleanse your soul

They can wash away all the tension

Things that disturbs you

Angers & frustrates you

& if anyone sees you

You’ll have the onions to blame!

Now wash the dishes

Dry them

Clean the floor

Tidy the rooms & air them

Then do the laundry

Iron them

Mow the grass

Take the garbage out



You remember your wife always dreaming of changing the colour of your living room

Be a champion, paint the room




Now that you have the house in order

The meal ready

Set the dining table & decorate it with the roses she loves the most

Light the candles that are still kept in the drawer for years

For that anticipated romantic dinner you both fantasized about for years

But never manage to make it come true

Because she’s always got her hands full of chores

& you’re always away & arrive when she goes to bed

She went early to bed not for being a fat & lazy woman

But because her back is broken from trying to please you



Now when your woman arrives

& witnesses all the magic & wonder you managed to make

While she was away to have a day just for herself

& you see that beautiful smile you adore shinning through her eyes

You will realize how unmanly it is for any man to create one work for women & another for men

& claim that it’s not a man’s work to do ‘House Work’

& you see marriage isn’t a corporation

With you being the boss

& your wife the subordinate

Nor you’re a cave man who’s gone to hunt




Marriage is a sacred bond

A partnership

A companionship

A journey that can only be made by partners being there for each other & having each other’s back

& loving & normal couples ‘Share everything’ even ‘Housework’


5 thoughts on “For Men Who Hate ‘Housework’

  1. I had to laugh at this. My ex never did anything and I mean NEVER. I was the one who mowed the lawn, took out the garbage, made all the repairs, did all the cleaning, cooking and babysitting. He had no idea how to run the dishwasher or the washing machine and dryer…he had no idea how to run the chainsaw or the drill.
    BUT….it was the way he was raised by his mama. MY job was to do everything because he was the MAN.

    Liked by 1 person

    • & we simply have to change this, & for all that ‘Hard`Labour’ were you paid?! Did he think you did any work except he’s the one sweating outside making money & you are in the air conditioned house doing nothing but watching talk & gossip shows & becoming obese?! This’s how men thinks of women & you don’t know what I say to myself if those westerns who claim to be enlighten & civilized do this their women, what are repressive, oppressive & back warded nations capable of doing to women?! For me there’s nothing like women’s & men’s work.


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