Now You Can See Me

 Am the wo/man who made you sit on that chair that you’re unable to fill, those shoes which are too big for you to walk in, the ones you convinced us that you’re the right wo/man to fill them, am that person who gave you your so many years of fame & glory, because I’s a fool & have fallen & bought all the lies that you’re selling! Those days are over, me being your fool.



Albert Einstein has a quote that says ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ People can’t afford & don’t have the luxury of making the same political choices & then wait & expect different results. People want & need change now & immediate tangible results on the ground.


There’s a new wave raising in the whole world, one arising from masses  who’re dissatisfied with the current political status quo,  just like the Middle East; many societies are currently undergoing a massive shift in its traditional political preferences. What seemed as the normal course has become very abnormal to the masses. As politicians are failing over & over to deliver & keep up the promises they made to their people, the angry & dissatisfied masses decided to take matters into their own hands, regardless of what the consequences might be, from the point of view of the masses; anything & any consequences is better than living in the same sphere with politicians whom seem very disconnected from their citizens, & only giving them their care & attention  when in need for their votes.


One tends to wonder ‘How on earth do those politicians seem to be 100% sure that everything will turn into their favour when all what they had managed to do is providing their citizens with only more & more lies?!’


The masses want to see immediate & tangible changes occurring within every aspect in their lives as been promised by those they had placed in power, but to the masses dismay, the politicians only serve a very small & narrow minority whom in the first place don’t even need such help from those in power at all. In other words the 1% whom every politician is serving should be the ones assisting their governments & citizens, but that’s not the case, everyone at every level is working for the 1%!


Despite what all the masses are told by those who claim to know better, the experts, the intellectuals, the wo/men with big mouths & loud voices, & everyone  else that disguises themselves as carrying the best interest of people in their hearts, the masses always seem to act completely the opposite & to the contrary of the predictions & expectations of their politicians, this can be observed in every corner across the globe, as if the people had woken up finally & are telling their politicians the following ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.’


People did this in Greece, Italy, Germany, UK & many other places all over the world, & will continue to behave in such manner till their interests are taken seriously.


Politicians really need to start paying attention because a new wave has begun, taking a close look at what people are doing, there’s no turning back & the outcome isn’t going to please those who always had things for/in their favour & also for those who only served them.


Imagine that the people whom you had let down have this message to you:


Now I can’t put food on the table, live in a decent house, pay the bills, the medicine, the kids schools, have warmth/heat at my home, some of us can’t even afford to buy bread or milk like some folks in Greece, some spend sleepless nights in rooms that have turned into refrigerators, the masses are in dire condition & broke on all levels because of you.

I’s your beloved when you’re collecting our voices, once the game was over, we become insignificant to you! You work for everyone but us!


NOW you can see us/me; the invisibles we made a universal vow/oath to turn all the tables on/against you(Guess what, we learned from the worst; YOU),  & every time they give us new labels (The uneducated, the folks with zero intellectual ability, the pensioners, the retired, the bigots, & a variety of a very different, long & false other names/labels).

Who are we?!




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