No Countries For Good Citizens!

It’s true; governments everywhere want their citizens numbers decreased, because resources are scarce from their point of view & in their own minds (SURVIVAL IS/WILL BE ONLY FOR THE FITTEST), those who don’t bring more money & are costing the economy so much must be terminated! You can see this happening in the most advanced countries down to the most retarded corrupted underdeveloped states! Why haven’t they yet discover this very simple thing,  which is (If (LOOTING) stops, no one will be left behind!)

(I, Daniel Blake) movie gives you a glimpse , & a snap shot of what living in our time is really like, & summarizes life in this age , & it’s only the good people who suffer & pay the cost for all the corruption happening everywhere.

PS: Regarding the movie(Only came across the reviews but didn’t see it, & also talks about it!)


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