“Content Warning” (Bedrooms & Women 2)

Nora’s Fourth  Marriage:

She can’t remember when exactly did he leave, she passed out when he had beaten her last night; on their first night as a husband & wife! Is that what marriage is all about?! How come she’s the one that ends up every time with all the kinds of wrong men?!  She’s wearing the strange pieces of clothes he forced her to wear last night; she looked more as a prostitute not at all a wife & most certainly not a loved & cherished one. The bed sheets & pillows were covered with blood; her blood, there’s blood between her thighs, all the way down to her ankles, she looked at her chest it was full of blue marks, with nail marks everywhere & on her breasts, she’s bruised all over her body, that was more of a rape not love making. He began hitting when he asked her to perform weird things, talk dirty, beside many other obscene details.

Getting up & out of bed was extremely painful, when her feet hit the ground, a strange dreadful sound escaped her lips, the sound of a wounded & bleeding animal, dragging herself she went into the bathroom she filled the bath tub with hot water, & grabbed nearby bottles, without thinking, reading or looking at the labels she emptied then into the water, then sank into the water, she was crying now, praying that the water & pleasant scents will cleanse her of last night incidents & wash away any other odour on her body that belongs to that pervert .

She’s trying to remember any clues that she missed during their engagement, any abnormal, lewd or violent behaviours & tendencies, then one particular image came to her mind, they’re in party & there’s this very innocent good looking teen that her husband had been hovering around during that night & she caught him more than once sending him lustful glances, but at the time she shrugged the thought away & dropped it completely from her mind. How can such handsome successful man who’s about t to marry her be lusting after young boys?!

She remained in the water until it became icy, then got out of the water, laid on the bathroom’s floor, tears started to falling again, then she shouted into the empty bathroom, what was that?!  What was he trying to prove? That he’s some sort of a criminal & an animal?! She couldn’t move her arms, her legs were dead, and she felt like she had been hit by a train or thrown under one, that wasn’t what a wedding night should be like, right now she feels she’d been raped!

Last night he opened a bag that he picked from underneath the bed, it was full of drugs & alcoholic drinks, then he started mixing strange things together & then taking them, he raised his glass & then said to her ‘Come join me it will make you bolder & more sexier.’

Her face went pale from shock & fear, her voice shaking she told him she isn’t a fan of such things & he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.

‘You’re a party spoiler, if you can’t join, then shut up.’

This wasn’t her fiancé that used to say the sweetest words & do the most romantic things a man can do to his woman! So this is the real man behind the mask he wore for her & wears for everyone else.

Nora couldn’t believe what happened, she’s trying to remember the craziness that took place in the bedroom last night but she can’t fully bring the memory it’s very shocking & horrible, her body was shaking involuntarily, she started asking herself ‘If she should had told him what she liked instead of playing the dump shy virgin would things had been different?!’  No, this is no ordinary man, he was hiding all the time, he’s a ‘Pervert.’

She pressed her body hard against the cold floor hoping that its coldness will diffuse into her feverish body! She’s feeling ill, & she wants to spend the remaining of the day in such position.

After his abhorrent behaviour & before hitting , assaulting & beating her, she told him he’s a pig & she doesn’t want to stay with him, she picked herself up to change her cloth & to go her family’s house, then he came from behind pulled her from the hair, slapped her multiple times his face turning into the face of a villain saying to her ‘ No woman was yet born to defy me, I’ve heard all the stories about you & I’ve studied you so well, there’s nowhere on earth you can escape to, you’ve no idea what I’ve planned for you, & you’re right am a pig & so is your family add to that everyone else, this time if you plan to escape your marriage; you’ll be placed in a mental asylum, my brother the doctor who you describe always as your guardian angel & some other people had already told everyone that you’re unstable, along with very well known religious clerics who are a mixture of friends & relatives, powerful clan elders  & your family we’ll made this master plan, don’t forget to add my white friends & acquaintances too’ He then added ‘Did you think that I’ll let you into my life & then place all my secrets on table to you without a plan B?!’

‘Now open your legs for me & make me happy or prepare to live the rest of your life at the mental asylum!’ Those were his last words to her before he suddenly started hitting her, & then her whole world fall into complete darkness.


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