Facebook Land

Twitter Land

Snapchat Land

Instagram Land

Tumblr Land

For all the lands that were ever created,

When was the last time you really immersed & indulged yourself  in A LAND FILLED WITH REAL PEOPLE ?!

When was the last time you really;

Smiled at someone (Rather than on posts here & there)

Return a smile that was thrown your way

Chatted with someone face to face

Sat at a cafe for the mere reason ; filling your eyes with the sight of your fellow brothers & sisters in humanity

Let your senses enjoy GOD MADE BEAUTY or the works of talented people

Bent over a rose & smelt it till your lungs were about to burst from the sweetness of its aroma

Patted someone’s over the shoulder for encouraged

Squeezed someone’s hand to let them know you care & that you’re there for them

Looked into someone’s eyes lovingly

Laughed from your heart in the presence of another person

Hugged someone really tight

Played childishly not caring a damn what anyone will think about you or with the intent to cheer up a child

Gave your seat for an elderly

Gave your meal for the poor

Gave food for animals

Thrown grains for the birds

Walked down the street/river/ or by the sea

When was the last time you have ever done something away from the screen?!

When you go out to mingle with people do you notice & appreciate their presence & existence?!

or is that cold device in your hand more alive for you than real people made of flesh, blood, stories & emotions?!

I don’t think anyone is really alive anymore.


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