5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins wears many hats and also holds many posts (Commentator, TV host, & a coach among other thing), beside all her great achievements she has set the bar very high for herself with a very exceptional goal; to exceed ‘Rush Limbaugh’ in the number of stations that she aims to be working for. (Touch the wood)!





In this very short piece I would like to discuss a method created by her known as the ‘5 Second Rule’ , where she states that from the moment that one gets an idea/thought they have five seconds to act upon that idea/thought or as she says ‘It’ll be gone’,  what she means is that if one fails to act upon the idea/thought  the brain will push it  aside and then it will never see the light.



7 thoughts on “5 Second Rule

  1. what it really means. You have to act it immediately otherwise you loose your passion. You act it immediately. So what about our planning. most of us work on a schedule. i think this about people who have less self esteem or the guys who are very lazy.


  2. Quite interesting. Heard of this rule for the first time, and it seems cent percent true.
    I will take some good amount of time to master this rule as when it comes to decide between two or more, I tend to get cumbersome, and end up taking a decision which I change at the last moment. Deciding and acting upon something within five seconds, will take some time to get its hang on me.
    This happened with me just yesterday, so I remember it vividly. 😉

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