Mission Impossible

‘Goha’  is a comic character that can be found in the literature of many countries.I

will be using one story in particular that involves Goha, his son and their donkey. The conclusion or the theme of the tale illustrates how difficult it is to please everyone, and that achieving such goal is indeed ‘Mission Impossible’.


In the story Goha, his son, and the donkey encounter many people, each group labels them with a label:


1-One group says that they’re fools, because they weren’t riding the donkey and they decided to walk instead.

2-Another group says they’re merciless, because he, and his son were riding the donkey.

3-Another group says that the father is unkind, because he was on the donkey while his son was walking beside him.

4-Another group says that the son is not respecting his father, because he was riding the donkey while his old father was walking beside him.


Finally Goha looks to his son and gives him a very priceless advice, he tells him the following: ‘Pleasing people /everyone is a goal that can never be achieved.’


This very valuable advice is very true, no one is going to tell you things like that, you go through life make mistakes,  and then through the mistakes transform into another person armoured with new insights and experience.

Goha’s advice to his son applies to all generations everywhere, and ‘BADASS’ women are very aware of it , and live their lives by this principle, their lives don’t revolve around pleasing others, getting their approval and blessing, because truth is: that can’t happen.


So now that you have become wiser, dedicate the rest of your live focusing on pleasing ‘YOU’ , and say goodbye to ‘Mission Impossible’; pleasing people!



One thought on “Mission Impossible

  1. This is what we all should learn and remember throughout our life.
    We are here not to please anyone, and if you look out to please each and every one around you, you are digging a deep grave of disappointment for yourself.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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