Do Like Employers/Business Owners!

You know the saying that says ‘When in Rome do as the Romans Do!’, will I think you should follow in the footsteps of ‘Employers/ Business Owners’, how?! In the following manner:

We all have heard or are aware that during job interviews they apply something called the ‘5 Second Rule’, meaning that the panel interviewing you had already decided whether or not you will be joining their team during the first 5 seconds, no matter the amount of hardships you are facing in life, obstacles you go through, had a bad day , & anything you are going through before coming into the interview, the amount of work & number of years you have dedicated to work very hard on yourself  plus everything  you did to become better ;a final decision is /will be reached on it in ‘5 Seconds’!  Your whole fate will be/is decided on within ‘5 Seconds’!

Now what if you do & behave like employers/ business owners in your real life, within the first ‘5 Seconds’ decide whether or not someone is worth the trouble and that they deserve a seat or place in your heart or life, why isn’t that possible (Doing like those business leaders)?!

Isn’t our lives as equally important as those business models? What is a business model after all?! A dream/invention/vision that someone had/imagined then they worked hard to realize it giving it 100%  of their hard-work, dedication, sweat, & everything!

What about ‘YOU’ how many years have you spent to make’YOU’ ? & from the moment of your birth till now didn’t you too sweat, work hard, dream, imagine & try so many things to succeed in life?! Haven’t you too worked so hard on yourself your entire life?!

Your life is as great or even greater than any business out there in the world, don’t gamble with it, don’t let those who only want to be in your life for harm, to put you down, to degrade/humiliate/belittle you, & make you doubt your self worth,  don’t let them inside your (EMPIRE/KINGDOM).

Apply the (5 Second Rule) that they use in the business world in your life  & remember:

Be selective don’t just let anyone into your world, chose wisely your members of your tribe, align yourself to people who share your passions/dreams/hopes, the ones who will make you excel in life, grow & be the best version of yourself.

Some who spent spent years screwing your life want second chance, my advice is: Do like employers make up your mind on anyone during the first 5 seconds of meeting them.


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