They flipped life into a series of long queues of human beings that are lined awaiting (Internships & Preparation) to join a game that they had created! Their lives are put into a halt, because they aren’t yet ready!


YOUR HUMANITY IS EVEN AT QUESTION! True, are all HUMANS EQUAL?! According to the world we live in I doubt it! I think the only humans beings here according to the people who run this BIG GAME are the 1% who own everything, the rest 99% aren’t human beings!

Classes for becoming better humans, another for becoming better lovers, better workers, better students, better communicators, better writers, & the preparation classes never ends or stops!

When will our training and preparation classes stop?! When gonna we live life?! Why do we allow them to inform and indoctrinate us that we aren’t ready for anything and that we even aren’t worthy and deserving of our humanity?!

To them we seem as never wise, mature, sane or human.

Watch this video & let me know what your thoughts are.


I wrote a similar article in Arabic.


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