The Ones To Be Feared The Most

‘Negative People’ shouldn’t frighten you, but fear; the one’s who will sell everyday everybody to reach their goals, the ones that no ‘HUMAN LIFE’ is sacred in their eyes but theirs, every other soul and life is ‘DISPOSABLE’, only them seem to have ‘WORTH’ and is ‘WORTHY’,  the ones who have never heard of ‘ If you won’t help a soul, don’t harm them’ or ‘Be a rainbow in someone’s else’s clouds’, or never avoid to be and never prevent themselves from becoming ‘A cursing rather than a blessing’, the fake, the masters of the art of depiction, the hateful, abusive, harassing, psychopaths, narcissistic, manipulative people who play and mess with your mind, those who have this art of making you feel guilty all the time when it’s all their fault, those who enjoy putting you through hell and pain, your defeat and suffering is their triumph, if you don’t lose their won won’t have a taste and will seem meaningless, the ones who want to bury you alive and do place all their ills and wrongdoings they’re committing against you on your shoulders, they destroy you without remorse and do it with ultimate pleasure, the cold/heartless, destructive people who fool us with their looks while in the inside they’re ‘HITLER’S IN DISGUISE’, ever seen a photo of ‘HITLER’ as a child?! Who would have ever thought he would become the monster he became?!!!!

Those people who am talking about and their partners may have many  pals from everywhere from around the globe, am sure they learned all those diseases inside them from their masters, their best teachers!


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