Sexual Harassment/ Exploitation & Drugging

Many whom we wrongly place our trust upon, might turn to be the most criminal souls on earth, & this can happen anywhere (Work, university, school, a party, your best friends house, a place of worshiping, home , & anywhere those criminals may have access to.)

They will misuse this power/authority to drug,  sexually harass/assault , rape, & commit many other hideous crimes.

I want to ask : Do you think those whom are being sexually assaulted and drugged can they become very hooked on the drugs that you can’t save them?!


I will add those who work on the societal , women & girls, adolescent & youth issues,  & leaders of all kinds how can they witness a generation being robbed of its innocence  & their lives being destroyed without doing anything?!


I think I did share similar articles previously, but kindly read this again,  & share with me your thoughts. This’s very important, because I think some whom had been exploited and introduced to drugs and can’t recover, are sometimes caught up in a spiral/trap that they will do anything in order to get their next fix.


Drugs , sexual exploitation & sex slavery of any kind go hand in hand, the criminal will look for anything to hook the person up so that they become his slave forever. I read about those women who were pushed to work as prostitutes and in pornography whom are given tons of drugs so they can remain slaves forever, & all those crimes wherever they are & in whatever form,  do share many similarities.


This isn’t particular to a certain place/country, but an epidemic that had spread worldwide to a very great extent. When you think no one will help, or because of the authority/wealth of the perpetrators, or that justice won’t be served, many remain silent & suffer alone.




Protecting abusive academic men because of their ‘genius’ must stop


Against Students



2 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment/ Exploitation & Drugging

    • Bless you. I came across those who sold their souls to the devils, helped one to escape from the devils, talked with some, & didn’t know what to do with the rest, because they had become hooked up in whatever they’re doing, & they worked on getting me sink with them with orders from the devils who were exploiting them , & stole their souls!

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