Tough & Ambitious Vs Balance & Fairness

I always ask people to be ‘TOUGH & AMBITIOUS’ & demand it from myself, I tell myself to be tough & ambitious, but I don’t want to be so tough & ambitious that I lose sight & have so much regrets later in life on any aspects within my life.

Maybe this kind of thinking was inspired to be by many very successful figures that had regrets at later stages of their lives for the way they had led their lives. We`may envied them for what they represented, in our eyes they embodied the peak of human achievement, happiness,success & were making tons of money, that is what we saw from outside, but what was happening inside was very different; they had epic battles taking place.

The biggest regret people have very late at/in their lives has something to do with ‘Human Relationships’; walking away from the love of your life because it wasn’t the right time, being absent from the birth of your child, or during your child’s first soccer game/dance/party/graduation or whatever activity or thing that was very important to them and they needed you there to celebrate their success, but you decided not to show up due to the head ruling you over matters of love. Same goes for not being there for your significant other.

You will discover at your death bed that it was your loved ones who will really make/made all the difference, not all your incredible achievements, successes, wealth, and all those stuff.

Am not saying we should be less ambitious, but try to make a balance, and pray that God gives us insight on what really matters.

In Islam we have a hadith narrated from the prophet (PBUH) that says “You have a duty to your Lord, you have a duty to your body, and you have a duty to your family, so you should give each one its rights.” , so what we need is to make balance, be fair, & give all parties their rights.


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