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Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Where was I those past days my WordPress family?

From the pain inside my head, heart & soul, it’s difficult to write well, & am making all sorts of typo!

Please don’t leave us ‘VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALONE‘, help us , share our stories, & try to help us fix this & put an end to all kinds of violence.

Finding a way to escape the dreadful horrendous net I live in. Imagine the woman who is practicing domestic violence against me,  I took hits that were targeted at her,  helped her & her kids after escaping an abusive father’Her Husband’ my dad,  & helped them in trying to build a safer life away from violence. Today that criminal woman,  & her kids are practicing against me the same violence we all escaped!

A few days ago as usual I’s attacked by them, & she ordered her kids to bring some guys to finally ‘LOCK ME UP’ at the ‘MAD HOUSE’ , because I’m have prevented them for so long from practicing their MERRY LIFE!

I’s a victim of CHILD ABUSE , & NOW I’M A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, & many other forms of violence, abuse, & harm from many people.

With the help of her kids, they assault & abuse me (The mother & her kids), threaten me every time because I’m without a job, friends, or any form of any kind of support that they’ll kick me out of the house,  & most times threaten they’ll place me in a ‘Mental Asylum’.

Those past days I’s trying to find means to make my life safe, & asking help from the people who unleashed such dangerous creatures, who allow them to carry out their crimes against me, who also harass, attack, abuse, harm & insult me in public.



Believe me, perpetrators NEVER CHANGE.


The World Today


Is much similar

To a neglecting parent/father

Who went on a cruise

Was absent most times


When he headed to what he used to call’HOME’

Found that there’s no such thing anymore;

His wife has been sleeping around


Left with one of her lovers


His kids had joined the gangs & so many other evil enterprises becoming drug addicts, traffickers & dealers.



We wonder what went wrong?!

This ‘MESS’  as you prefer to call it, is your latest invention

Like the ‘Automation’ that you keep threatening everyone with

Saying I feel like giving ‘Bread/Wages’ to the machines



Decided to also HAVE A SAY!

SMART For Goals

SMART is an abbreviation for a set of terms, which we use to measure GOALS, and they are:





T:Time Bound

So let’s make a further breakdown to the SMART For Goals.


S: Know what you want and where are you heading to, for it will make your journey easier. Alice in Wonderland was asked where is she headed to, she mentioned that she got no clue, the cat she was asking for suggestion replies back to her saying; then it doesn’t matter !

Imagine doing the same, how much time, effort, and so many other things will be like a total waste during such journey to ‘I don’t know what GOAL‘?!

Someone smart once said ‘Be you, because everyone else is already taken’, one has got to know who they’re, what they stand for, don’t try to imitate or live another person’s dreams, life & goals. Your goals must be yours & must be a translation for who you are.

M:Goals got to be measurable, from time to time check progress, assess, evaluate & make necessary modifications.

A: Don’t make a very impossible goal that may discourage you from taking action, or a very easy one that might never challenge or motivate you.

R: Your goal as I said must be a translation of  who you are, whether it’s independent/interdependent goal, depending on your culture, point of view & how you see things(For example Cultures like America/Japan) operate from a unique sphere, one may place much emphasis on the person, the other gives the emphasis for the group.

T:They say the beautiful things about dreams is that they don’t have an expiry date, good for them, on the other hand goals are bound to a TIME FRAME, like taking a course or going to university they have a start & an end date.

PS: Portions here were written for a particular assignment for a course.

Exceprt From My Novel


They argued with them of not doing it, and gave them all the evidence why their marriage is doomed to fail.

His mother said to him ‘Don’t look very far, just look at the (White House), here you go, the biggest evidence you will ever need; a black man who was conceived by a white woman and a black man, and the rest is history. Son, such marriages do rarely work.’ She then took his hands in hers ‘Do you want that for your children, for me, do you want me to be that black grandmother like Obama’s white grandmother raising my son’s children from his failed marriage?!’

What do you think?

If some religious scholars had advised those doing ‘Hajj’ more than once to donate the money that will be allocated for such types of ‘Hajj’ to humanitarian cases & ‘Charity/Sadaqaha’ or helping another Muslim who has never been to ‘Hajj’ do ‘Hajj’, why not use the money you’ll be using to marry 2nd/3rd/4th wife use it for helping others as it is done in the example of ‘Hajj’ for multiple times or donate to help young males who didn’t marry at all to get married?!

Tons of problems/catastrophes/wars/poverty surround Muslims DONATE YOUR MONEY to help eradicate such poverty/catastrophes/problems & to help everyone!