Saving Sara

I never received any support from women, & if they ever do pretend to be helping me; that’s only TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT AM DUMB.

& then we have the woman who I live with & her people who practice domestic violence against me & all sorts of evil/ill/harm/abuse/criminality against me, that’s women’s role in my life(Ugly, criminal, abusive, evil & corrupt) & men aren’t any better too!


In 2007, a girl by the name Sara was caught in ugly & criminal relationship with a guy called Haitham, he lured her by faking his deep affection for her, then as time passed his real ugly criminal face & intentions began to appear.  From her side the girl thought that once things becomes steamy between them, he will then make her his wife! But Haitham was an expert on using women & then disposing them like used plastic cups!

Sara came to me asking for help to push him to propose for her after the relationship they were having became so messy. After talking to him he said that HE WILL NEVER PROPOSE FOR A GIRL WHO WAS SO LOOSE & ALLOWED HIM TO HAVE HIS WAY WITH HER.

She had another female friend (Her best friend), whom I asked to get involved, she said she can never allow herself getting involved in such unethical things! She said she got brothers who will get mad at her, & Sara should get herself out of this mess just the same way she has got herself into it,  for she never consulted or discussed such relationship with anyone!


Even when I informed Sara of the mental images he had of her, the insults & everything she was so in love with him that she didn’t care at all & kept seeing him! Things turned sour, one bad incident after another, & something ugly happened, I asked him then either to marry her or leave her, & his answer was the same HE CAN NEVER TRUST A LOOSE GIRL LIKE HER TO BE CARRYING HIS NAME!


I then took her to a gynecologist,  I paid for everything, the doctor assured us she’s still a virgin, & advised her to stop having the horrible affair she’s having & to be a straight & ethical person.  I also informed her that the lord saved her, & she’d be thankful & obedient to him. I talked to this criminal’s mother asking her either to make her son marry Sara or to make sure he stops contacting her, the mother who was a very strange woman said ‘It’s Sara who is loose & comes every time to see her son.’, she said she can never make a woman like her become her son’s wife because she is not honorable & will be doing such things with other men once she becomes married to her son. To make a long story short, she made her son stop contacting Sara, & I went to his working place & threatened that I will inform his bosses of his corrupt unethical behavior, he then said he doesn’t want anything to do with Sara, & he’s being stalked by her & he really wants to put an end to their relationship (He feared his source of income will be threatened me coming to his work place!)


Haitham was a playboy, who worked for a big European IT company, he was also a divorcee with a son, his former wife was from the Gulf region in the Middle-East, they’re married maybe for a year & half! Beside his job, he had another profession as he told Sara; he used to marry girls who came to have short vacations in his country during the summer(Summer Flings)!  He had a woman who owned a big & famous gym who helped him meet all his victims!


That was the kind of man a very young girl had found herself entangled with. I did my very best to make sure that if he has no intention of marrying her then to stay away from her. & in my opinion I think his aim was to make a video of her & to blackmail her with that video so she becomes his SEX SLAVE for the rest of her life.


Sara was saved by me from that corrupt unethical womanizer, & I never had any regrets for what I have done for her.





5 thoughts on “Saving Sara

  1. A wonderful job there you did, Samia.
    As they say ‘It’s a woman who is woman’s worst enemy and a best friend.’ And this story showed both the sides. It depends on us how we want to represent ourselves; what our conscience allow ourselves and call ethical.
    I hope there are more women like you, who take stand and care for other women as much as they do for themselves. 🙂

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    • I never have let anyone down, but I’s let down by everyone; including those who claimed & call themselves to be my family, whom when I became disabled sided with everyone who wanted to harm /hurt/abuse me, who when I became disabled due to abuse & sexual harassment of all kinds, unemployment & because am with no one by my side threaten every minute to throw me out of their house or place me at mental asylum & commit violence against me, they & everyone who had done me wrong claim to be religious, ethical & humane! We live in an ‘Era Of Great Deception’ all of them fake to be great human beings, religious, ethical & humane & everyone is falling for it & buying it! When harm, abuse, ill & evil comes from those that claim to be your own blood & flesh what can we expect from the rest of the world?! What is mind boggling is that they got everyone in their pocket & on their side! Not only evil is done to me inside house but also in street, university , shops & work! May my lord help me amen.

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      • This all was huge to even read, I wonder how you encountered all of it. You are really strong Samia.
        I hope, wish and pray that you keep on overcoming all the troubles, no matter how big or small, with the same strength and vigor as you have till now.


    • Idle dear the world has proved to me that they don’t want more women like me who save girls from sex/human trafficking, the world has shown me that they want ‘Female Pimps’ who sell other women & girls for criminals!

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      • This world has never either liked nor approved of goodness. But it’s people like you whose purpose and strength force the world to change. Sooner or later, it will change, it has to, maybe not some major change, but there will be a change.


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