Amina Hussein

There’re those lines from a very famous Arabic poem that I remember in times when I find no one at all to talk to or to be beside me, then my mind goes back to the few very great human beings that were once upon time in my life whom many of them were the same age as my deceased grandparents, the lines from the poem are as follows:

سيذكرني قومي أذا جد جدهم وفي الليله الظلماء يفتقد البدر


The poet says : My people will remember me when the tides are so high and things are damn tough, for in dark nights people do miss the moon.


On a day like this I want to talk about my very kind neighbor  (Amina Hussein) whom was as  a grand mother  and friend  to me. Amina was in her 60’s or 70’s am not sure but she had the most youthful heart and soul any young person could ever have. I would go and sit beside her in front of her house or inside it and then we would chat about everything (Politics, love, life, people, me & everything in between).

Granny Amina Hussein may the lord bless her soul was like me an observer and deep thinker, she would sit there and record everything inside her brain and then surprise you with her vast analysis. She became suddenly ill, and I used to visit her at her house after work, and try to make her cheer up. Days before her death I went to visit her and was covering myself with a garment and she liked it very much, her eyes were shinning like a child who just found Ali-Baba cave full of candies, and she touched the garment saying it had been years since she had something similar, I asked her what was her favourite color? She told me, and I went to the market and bought her a more beautiful one than mine, days later Amina died, but I didn’t attend the funeral, I don’t go to funerals, and death in general breaks my heart.


She left me, I lost a granny and a very wise and kind friend. She left behind also her husband and kids, I didn’t know how to help her husband except by making a monthly small donation for him. He also died, after becoming ill, truth is he wasn’t himself after he lost his companion, in some way he died the day he lost his wife, and I regret not helping him better.




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