Masters of Criminality & Witchcraft


Can’t make sense of what’s going on!

I look into her ugly face, that because of the many ills & evils she did to me is getting uglier. She can’t bear the sight of me, how can she, or any of them, I remind her, them , everyday of all the horrors she/they did to me, that they all keep doing, & keep praying to be forgiven & won’t be,  & I won’t forget nor forgive.

I look at her then remember all her crimes,  that the criminals from all walks of life & religions who have made them rich & support them on committing all atrocities against me have made throughout the years.

She talks, & I say,  how could her religion & the God she worships if she truly loves him allow her to be like this & do all of this to me, how could she go on doing all that she’s doing to me?! Or any of the other people?!

What happens/happened to me:

1-Rent a room in the city & leave us, how when I am unemployed? When for years they are preventing me from getting a job? How will I pay for the room & for living?(Via vagina transactions?!), how very religious & ethical!

2- Beat her, finish her, then everyone joins forces to do whatever evil they can!

3-Give her everything that can make her ill, to the point that I’s given something that caused skin disease.

4-Harass, abuse, irritate her everywhere, stop her from going to university, shop, outside of home & to everywhere.

5-After beating her, threaten that its time to take her to the ‘Mental Asylum’!

6-Tell her because she loves ‘Penises’ she will be locked in a place where she will get plenty of them in many ways!

7-Accuse her that every man that has ever assaulted her was her victim instead,  & say she’s the one who seduced, harassed, abused, harmed,  & assaulted all of them.

8- Let your kids & everyone who knows you,  say & do to her anything evil & ill.

9-Accuse her that she was having affairs & was a prostitute all the time she’s away during her scholarship!(I’s told that I did nothing but fucking men & being fucked by men & whomever during all the period of my scholarship!)

10-Deny that she had been helping, working & aiding you all her life!

11-Am told ‘Dying is better than your life. You don’t have a life,  you should die.’

12-You deserve all kinds of harm/abuse/assault/harassment/damage that happened & is happening  to you

13-You only got madness, & nothing will ever change for you

14-Force her to interact with people who will   hurt/harm/abuse/assault/harass/& damage her

15-& so many other crimes.

Of all people am the one whom instead of thinking & planning for something great, I live under the mercy of the greatest criminal & her allies, thinking about what will they do today to me!

Only the ones allowed to shine are the ones she had helped via witchcraft & criminality. My success is no big deal, did she ever plan for me to succeed?!  NO, nor did her Western & other Muslim friends wanted such thing, am not like her sweethearts whom when they are frightened to go to the exam, then they go to the witchcraft practitioner to help them be bold!

What is happening?! Why is this happening to me all those years until now?!

Market is desperate for vagina, is it so Muslims? & their other friends from other religions?!

Who assigned this crazy criminal & those behind them to do this to me every five minutes?!
What kind of God do they worship?!
Of course when you, & many allies of yours had been doing criminal & evil things to someone for +30 yrs, you want to
Make them poor
Kick them out of your shitty home
Drug them, say they are mad & needs to be locked in a mental house so you keep doing what you always did to them!
Something is eating the criminals,
What do you want from someone who is disabled & unemployed?!
& you keep doing ill & evil to them , & say to them the owners of the house the roof above your head will be arriving you better figure out a solution?! Where should they be going?!

Imagine telling a disabled & unemployed girl to go rent a room in the city?!

Who wants me so desperately alone & poor?
What do they want to do to me?
What they kept doing for 30 yrs,  & why they then have thrown you from the 7th floor.

In 2009 days before my accident, I woke up, I found 3 men fighting in my room, couldn’t talk or move, was drugged.
Same kind of men want to harm me. They want to do over & over again what they did to me for 30 years.


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