Asians Are The New Black!

In planet America

Where they have taken upon their shoulders putting all bad guys, dictators, & bullies into their places

They fail to do similar task when it comes to their bad ones, bullies, killers & criminals at home

Uncle Sam the cowboy who came riding over his horse to set law & order in the world,

Has failed home!

Why did seeing this remind me of Eric Garner?

Of dad going down,  & as he leaves the world his last words were ‘Can’t Breathe’

A black man that was choked to death by more than 4 men

What is this? Is the white American male a coward who never fights a one to one fight?!

& he must bring his gang to ensure that he wins the fight?!

Why did this Asian make me feel as if he too has become the new black in America?!

As our Asian brother was dragged, beaten & later on comes running like a crazy dude who’s inhaled some sort of bad drugs

I feel the ‘Lady of Liberty’ watching from faraway what’s happening in shock & horror,

Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin & all the great sons & daughters of that land saying in one voice:

You make us look far worse than ‘Banana Republics/Failed Nation’, & any other country that is run by dictators, criminals, bullies & mafia.



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