A ‘Heart & Soul’ on Vacation!

I have never seen a spokesperson for the 1% whom isn’t saying the following:

‘You want to take my money and give it to the poor!’ , they always think that the 99% want a ‘Free Lunch’!

Listen closely to what Paul Ryan Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is not saying; in his subconscious he has this deep believe that pops out in all of his arguments ‘State is there to protect the ‘Saint Rich’ from the ‘Satanic Poor’,  his role in the American life is much similar to that of the ‘Permanent Members of the UN’ with the ‘Veto Power’; he is there with a ‘Big No’ for anything that is of benefit to the less privileged American people.


Then we have another breed of our brothers and sisters in humanity like Yaron Brook the executive chairman of Ayn Rand Institute, I don’t know  why but listening to him brings to my mind the ugly horrific ‘GHETTO ‘ experience that was unjustly and criminally exercised against the ‘Jews’ and those that were regarded as inferior/beneath than the rest, he advocates for ‘Special Institutions’ run by those who see themselves as better than the rest; ‘The 1%’ where they will be taking care of those they describe as ‘Unable To Take Care of Themselves!’



Even when automation isn’t a reality yet, the world is suffering from high rates of unemployment, so by the time we reach that point where machines take the jobs of humans that means that billions and billions of humans will be placed in ‘ GHETTO’s’ supervised by the 1%!







Mexico Puts A ‘Hollywood Smile’ on American Faces!

America who made the whole world obsessed  with the ‘Hollywood Smile’  failed in making that dream come true for millions of its citizens, on the other hand the country’s neighbor Mexico rolled up its sleeve saying ‘Hey, what’re neighbors for?‘, & it took on the mission to make the dream come true for millions of US citizens!


No more sighs & envying actors/actresses on screen, thanks to Mexico!







ملعون أبو الناس

  السواد الاعظم من الناس منخرطة فى أعمال و أشياء من أجل اثارة أعجاب الاخر و نيل رضاه ، هم فى لاهث دائم، و كد و تعب، و مشقة فى البحث عن اعجاب الاخرين الذى هو فى الاساس ضرب من الجنون، لان رضاء الناس غاية لا و لن تدرك

و ستات كثر فى علاقات زوجية مهينة علشان كلام الناس، و الاكل، الشرب و النومة

و طلاب علم يدرسون تخصصات لا يحبونها، و بالتالى لن يبدعوا فيها علشان كلام الناس، و لان الناس قالت لهم هذه هى كليات القمة، و الاهل قالوا عاوزين نشوفك دكتور و مهندس

ما هذا الخواء الذى وصل له البعض من التنازل عن شخصيته و الغائها، علشان ص و س من الناس الذين من الممكن أنه عند الله لا يزن شيئا يرضى عنى؟

ملعون ابو الناس أنتصر لنفسك،  لربنا، و حقق الغاية التى وجدت من أجلها، مش لايك من هنا و هناك، لا، عمارة الارض و ان تكون خليفة الله فى الارض



I thought top of the world is what you wanted,

Thought of it as the best spot to be in,

All magical & glamorous,

You had it all,

Was it so ugly, lonely, filthy,  lousy,  inhumane,  dreadful, unreal there?

Were you all surrounded by folks pretending to have loved you?

Perhaps ‘Being at the top’ was the wrong pursuit

All those who loved you would have been content to have you among them as ordinary men & women, & not to spend a second in this life being without you.

For many who loved you, you left them with days filled with:



Robin Williams

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Whitney Houston

Cory Allan Michael Monteith 


Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington


 Marilyn Monroe




Seth Rich, Imran Awan, Michael Hastings, Lori Klausutis & the People Who Are Too Big To Fail!

There’s something odd about the American politics in many cases, not odd in a good way, but in a way that sends shivers to your body and makes your skin crawl. Like a wild  monstrous movie or novel there’s a lot of mystery, drama, suspense, horror, sex and crime involved.

Some politicians more than others, and those whom either worked with them or are their relatives had their share of ghosts of the dead hovering above them.

Let’s start with the most watched show in America ‘Morning Joe’, on the show set there’re two people who have the ghosts of the dead hovering above them demanding that their mysterious deaths must be solved and not pushed beneath the rug; first we have a ‘Death of an intern Lori Klausutis’ at  Joe Scarborough the show host who was a politician and Lori died at his office, it’s a case that needs to be thoroughly examined.

The second person on the set of ‘Morning Joe‘ that has got a ghost hovering above them is Elise Jordan whom her husband Michael Hastings died in a horrific mysterious way, his death also demands an answer. Michael Hastings had a previous fiancée Andrea Parhamovich they both worked in Iraq, she was killed in Iraq, and here we are years later her fiancée  Michael Hasting is dead too.

Hillary Clinton is said to release a book titled ‘What Happened’ explaining her loss in 2016 US presidential campaign, but what I really think she needs to do is to write a book about the long list of folks that had connections to ‘The Clintons‘ and had died in mysterious ways, it’s staggering the amount of people who died in catastrophic manner around  ‘The Clintons‘.

What has caught my attention recently is an interview given by the family of a young man by the name ‘Seth Rich‘  who was working for the ‘Democratic National Committee‘ and was killed. There’s a talk about him given by Julian Assange which adds more to the mystery.



In the interview the family was surrounded by ‘Disney Characters‘ and their body language was quite a thing! Very questionable!

Then comes the scandal and arrest of an IT worker ‘Imran Awan‘ who worked for ‘Democratic National Committee‘, someone investigating the online behaviour of that man has found alarming things involving ‘Strange Unethical Content Aimed at Kids’?!

The video is by a person called ‘Tracy Beanz’ by the title ‘ Imran Awan is subscribed to what on Youtube/!‘, please watch the video and try to ask yourself what is about the kids material both in ‘Seth Rich‘ case and this man?!

Why is there so much kids materials whether it’s ethical or unethical surrounding those two men?!

Nobody leaves behind a clue that doesn’t mean something, the perpetrators or the victims and their families are saying something, what is it that they are trying to convey?!


God Save Us From Ourselves

I was listening to a renowned scholar talking about the aim of marriage, and couldn’t stop myself from trying to find out if everyone or majority of folks share his same views on the purpose of marriage, so:

Do you think that the most important aims of marriage are just ‘Companionship and breeding’?!

If your answer is yes, I think you are depriving and denying yourself from experiencing one of the most beautiful and noble emotions that has ever existed ‘Love’, and you are not doing yourself justice because you have a right to seek love, be loved and give love to your loved one.

I always loved that part of the ‘Christian/Western’ wedding vows when couples say to one another ‘To Love and Cherish!’

Just as my love to God makes me bear whatever tests he puts me through and maintain my faith, loving your other half enables you to stand solid throughout your relationship with them and face everything with them happily and firmly be it (Illness, poverty, challenge, hardship and obstacle.)

A book, cat, dog, gardening, your friends, TV, work or even yourself if you enjoy solitude can provide you with company, it is not a very wise step to marry someone because you are looking for company!

We are not machines or robots to let go of our emotions; the great ones like love, and just to your knowledge they are making now robots that can express emotions and give back love to their owner!

In Islam when describing the relationship between spouses the lord says ‘و جعلنا بينكم مودة و رحمة, meaning (and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)), I think all religions place so much great emphasis upon love.

I have heard a number of folks especially accomplished men who place a great emphasis when talking about marriage on the ‘Companionship and breeding’ side, and from my perspective I regard this as unfair for those in favour of such notions and their partners.

Lack of love will make us commit many inhumane and uncivilized actions against our partners; can you imagine what unloving spouse can do to their partner if the relationship fails?!

Some who lack the courage and love to inform their partner face to face that the relationship isn’t working anymore can choose to send that via a TWEET!

Let us mend our relationships and perspectives and choose love over anything else every time!

Finally, I don’t know where we are heading to when we subtract love from the equation of life and marriage, may God save us from ourselves!

Remembering What You Read

Here are some simple steps to remember what you read:


1-Pay attention

2-Avoid distractions


4-Look at your life style


Other techniques include:


1-Use new information

Explain it to someone, discuss it, write it, construct arguments for & against it, think about it, & apply it.


2-Have purpose:

Always know why you are reading something & when are you going to use it.


3-Use the five step reading system:

This system allows you to select what you need to read, therefore avoiding any unnecessary & distracting material that hinders concentration & recall.