No One Cares

I too wish to believe this one million dollar looking woman, who happens to earn as much as a salary cares about women like you and me, but no one pushes  and advocates for something without an original evil sinful hidden motive and agenda, just like George Bush and Tony Blair whom their original agendas and motives for starting the Iraq war wasn’t to liberate the world from the tyranny of Saddam Hussien and his weapons of mass destruction, this woman sitting in front of you who looks like a ‘Vogue’ magazine model , who claims to be fighting for your rights, doesn’t care about your existence and your rights at all.


If we just had the guts and backbone to stand up and question thoroughly those who descend upon our lives with their shiny campaigns/plans while they all have hidden motives and agendas, our lives might have taken a different course.


Have you ever questioned why a million dollar looking woman, who have so much money sitting in her bank account, wearing latest jewellery/makeup, came from a beauty salon/spa, who can see with her own eyes how poverty had aged you at a young age,  what illness had done to you, bruises on your face from being beaten by an abusive father/husband/parent/relative or brother, who sees how poverty had crippled you, what malnourishment had done to you, who can see your worn out shoes or even bare feet, why had she chosen to not fight to put food in your belly, dress on your back, education in your brains, save you from abuse, money/job in your hand, but instead said to you ‘When we stop them from cutting your female genitals, your life will turn around!’, is that what will liberate you my sister, give you back your dignity, humanity and make you an equal to her?!


 Malaysian Development Model: What Lessons Can Africa Learn

 (I joined the most shitty/disgusting/traumatic/painful/inhumane training to hone my skills in writing & folks there + countries behind them thought I needed a training on how TO FUCK!)

I’s disrespected, picked on, mocked, laughed at, everyone just invented fake stories, did the most inhumane/disgusting/absurd acts to make my time there hell, & most of all FAIL.

Am not the PICKUP lady! (You know the pickup lady)


Is it my destiny to be played with all my life & that my whole life is destroyed by MUSLIMS & NON-MUSLIMS?!





Prepared by: Samia Hassan

March, 2014


Africa is a very resourceful continent, very rich in many resources; to the point that the former colonial powers which colonized the continent came back to extract the abundant resources and untapped fountain of resources that is not fully utilized by its own inhibitants”Africans”, masses of individuals who were from the former colonies that colonized Africa had migrated again to resettle in the continent and find job opportunities that their own countries Western couldn’t provide for them, they managed to find jobs in Africa which had failed to do the same thing for its own citizens!

We must not skip and ignore the reality and tragedy that so many African youth are so willing to escape the harsh living conditions in Africa and die in thousands to become prisoners in refugee camps in foreigner countries, who may or may not accept them as refugees, when Africans can’t find jobs in their countries, the former colonizers had found many without facing any hardships,  but all this have not yet convinced the people of Africa to take a step and rediscover, and explore the continent; and hence it was left to be forever described as place of disease, wars , genocides, illiteracy, famine and poverty.

There are so many countries which lack the same abundant resources that are available within Africa, which faced the same colonial background, no much aid from developed world in regards to undertaking serious development projects that can improve the lives of millions in the continent and to make significant contributions that can lead to tangible shifts in the quality of live within the continent.

In the following pages I will take one country that have made a gigantic leap from humble conditions in both (Economy, Education, Health, Infrastructure,etc.) to becoming an example set for many countries that seek to have better and brighter future to its citizens.

I will try to highlight what Malaysia had done differently to become what it has become.

The Hungry Are Coming For You!

Yeah, if not today then tomorrow.

When you push aside the more pressing issues of your people and hesitate in solving them, when you leave your space and place empty, someone/some group, will come and fill the vacuum, they will represent themselves as the SAVIOR,  as the problem solvers, as the rock, and people will buy it! Someone with a plan, who doesn’t carry your interest at heart will take your place.


People will not question the ideology, motive, believe, attitude, they will only look and turn to the person who will unlock the doors for them regardless of whom that person is, because NEED & HUNGER ARE BLIND!


When you are spending your vacation in Hawaii, party in Virgin Islands, fuck your wife on Mars, then have your baby delivered on the moon, somewhere someone is eating from trash, an aged person has left their home sat in the cafe due to lack of warmth, when we have queue after queue of people waiting to be handed bread, others dying in the sea, war, some selling their bodies, organs or kids, or killing themselves, and you expect that there will be no rage, no revolution, no consequence, you are then fooling yourself, and reality and history has never been kind to those who blind their eyes from the truth.


3 trillion dollars or pounds sitting in a bank account by your name, how many lives will you need or for how long will you live to spend all that amount?!



UK Wants What the US Has Got!

So UK has decided to include ‘Ayn Rand’ to the syllabus of their A- Level students.

Mrs. Rand books and school of thought is regarded as the ‘Bible’ that guides many of the great minds within both the ‘Business & Technology’ sectors, as well as many politicians within the west, and particularly in the United States. But one has to ask why is the UK doing this?! It’s quite obvious; UK wants its own ‘Silicon Valley & Wall Street’, desires to become the center of innovation and wealth, and the way to do that, is to trace back what shaped the thinking and behaviour of the minds behind such phenomena’s; Ayn Rand’s philosophy, so better to prepare the younger minds of the future leaders of tomorrow and to equip and arm them with an arsenal of her thoughts!

Rand’s core idea in regards to her philosophy lies in ‘Self Interest’, which in order to make it somewhat ethical in the eyes of the audience she had described it as ‘Rational Self Interest’, the only thing that one should care about is their own interest. Ayn Rand stands firm beside the philosophy of ‘Adam Smith’.

One more thing about Rand’s philosophy; she firmly believes that ‘Government’ should have less role, and boils down that role to providing ‘Protection & Security’ , one needs to ask then ‘Protection & Security’ for whom and what for?!

Rand is the engine that drives the minds behind the tech and business industry that are thinking now of ways to finally get rid once and for all from the human age labour to robot age labour!

Mrs. Rand has produced a movement and type of thinking that glorifies being ‘Selfish and Unjust’, imagine if those she had assigned as the providers of ‘Protection and Security’ for the millionaires if they too say: their ‘Self Interest’ doesn’t lie in taking the role of the bodyguards of the rich?! Since as per her philosophy, we are all after our individualistic interests! What if the providers of ‘Protection and Security’ just decide that they will not sacrifice their lives for the others?!

In Ayn Rand’s world survival has only to be to the fittest, the rest should just vanish, and you shouldn’t bother yourself of what is happening or going to happen to them, you should only care about your ‘Self Interest’ and never sacrifice yourself for others!

Is Ayn Rand philosophy the only door and path to innovation and wealth, and if so, what will be the implications and impacts on such societies that adopt her way of thinking?

What are the costs of ‘Randism’?






متى تخمد حرائق العالم الاسلامى؟

كفانا لعبا لدور الضحية، فلننظر بصدق الى المسببات الحقيقية التى أدت الى العالم الاسلامى الى الانزلاق فى مهالك الانهيار. فنلقى نظرة على السبب الرئيس فى هكذا حال و واقع اليم نعيشه. ان السبب الحقيقى الذى أوصل الناس الى ما هم فيه هو الظلم المتعدد الاوجه

رئيس العمل المنحرف الذى يتظاهر بالصلاح و ان تقدمت بشكوى فى حقه تفصل من العمل، لان الكل أمثاله

المعلم الغشاش الذى يحتكر لب العلم لنفسه، لانه يشعر انه ان أعطى طلابه مفاتيح العلم لن تكون هناك حاجة له

رأس الدولة الفاسد الذى ينهب، يسرق، يغش، يزيف، يقتل و يعتدى

الاعتداء، الظلم، التحرش، القتل و العنف الذى تتعرض له جماعات و افراد من قبل اشخاص عديمى الانسانية و الاخلاق

الحرام الذى أصبح متاحا بيسر

رجال الاعمال الذين يمتصون دماء الشعوب و  يتاجرون و يتربحون على حساب بؤس و شقاء الفقراء، فالهم الاساسى لهم تحقيق اعلى ارباح على جثث الكل

ان يتم اكراه بعض الناس من قبل الاغلبية على  نمط واحد من التفكير، الاسلوب و المنطق

الشيخ الشيطان الاخرس الساكت عن الحق، الذى  يسكت عن الضيم، و لا يدعو العامة الى الرقى و التقدم ، و يشغلهم بمسائل من قبل ( هل ندخل الحمام بالقدم اليسرى ام اليمنى)؟! فى وقت يتناقش فيه العالم المتقدم عن الذهاب و العيش فى المريخ، و كيفية الاستغناء عن البشر فى العمل،  فبدل ان يكون الشيخ فى الطليعة المفكرة، انقلب على عقبيه و العياذ بالله

الاهل الذين أنشغلوا عن القيام بدورهم ، فقام  كل من هب و دب، الصالح و الطالح بتربية  اولادهم

الطالب الذى سهر الليالى فى تحصيل العلم ظنا منه انه سوف يبلغ العلا، فاذا هو وسط مجتمع يعوم و غارق فى الفساد و الظلم، و لا ينال فيه المجتهد حقه، بل  ان من يطمح الى ان يصل الى القمة ما عليه الا بتوسيع شبكة علاقاته!

الشعب الجائع الذى يقبع و يرزح معظمه تحت خط الفقر و يعانى من جهل شديد و أمية متفشية، و يحتكر عقلها و وعيها فئة معينة توجه الكل نحو مصير واحد، و اذا نظرت الى تلك المجموعة التى تفعل ذلك و تسوق المجتمع كالانعام وجدتها مستغرقة بالاستمتاع بالحياة الدنيا، تكديس الاموال و الرفاهية، و الويل لمن يجرؤ على فتح أعين و عقول الشعب، سوف يكون مصيره فيما وراء الشمس

تلك قطرة صغيرة فى خضم محيط الفساد و الظلم الذى بتنا اسرى له

 نحن نعيش فى دائرة و منظومة ظلم و لن تخرج منها اى جماعة الا برد المظاليم الى أهلها،  و أرجاع و أعطاء كل صاحب حق حقه،  و بالكف عن ممارسة الظلم،  هل تنصر امة تهان فيها النساء و يعتدى فيها عليهن؟

بل بلغت فيها وقاحة بعض الرجال بتهديد الشريفات ممن  لا يردن فجورا ان يقال لهن من قبل هولاء الفسدة المنحرفين’ لقد اعددنا لكن كتابا و قائمة سوداء و لن تحصلوا ابدا على سبل للعيش الشريف!‘،  هل عدنا الى أيام الجاهلية و عهد قريش الذى فيه كان الجببارة يتوعدون من تبع الدين الجديد’الاسلام‘ بالويل و الثبور و عظائم الامور؟ هل ينصر الله امة رجالها على هذه الشاكلة و اسوء من هذا؟

 بعضهم يلتقط صور خاصة لزوجته ثم يضعها فى  منديات الفسق و الفجور؟ و ثلث اخرى تستحل فروج الفتيات عديمات الخبرة ممن لم ينلن تعليما دينيا او ارشاد تربوى كافى من البيت او المدرسة باسماعهن انشودة الحب،  ثم يصورن لهن فيديو،  ومن ثم يهددهن هولاء الضحايا ان هى لم تكن له خليلة مدى الحياة فان الفضيحة و القتل مصيرها! الا ينظرون الى النماذج المشرقة التى هبت لنجدة و نصرة المراة كالمعتصم؟

أنظروا الى ما قال الله من فوق سبع سموات:

“يا عبادي إني حرمت الظلم على نفسي وجعلته بينكم محرما فلا تظالموا “

“اتقوا فتنة لا تصيبن الذين ظلموا منكم خاصة”

      لا تخدع نفسك قائلا  الله سوف ينصرنا و نحن غارقون فى هكذا ظلم و فساد، و ان لم تكن عادلا تذكر  ’ان الله لينصر الدولة الكافرة العادلة ‘على الدولة المسلمة الظالمة

    الظلم مؤذن بخراب العمران ‘ ابن خلدون ’

الله عدل، و لن يكون الا مع من هو عدل، و لا تستهن بالعدل فهو أساس الاستقرار و الملك

‘حكمت، فعدلت، فامنت، فنمت يا عمر’

On ‘Automation’

I listened to this video that contained a segment discussing that thing that some folks who call themselves experts, businessmen and entrepreneurs had been selling for long time ‘Automation’ and how all jobs will be taken by machines, the economic expert forecasts that will lead to what is known as ‘Realization Crisis’, because who will buy your stuff?! The machines?!

The ‘Technology’ they will use to deprive workers from their jobs,  will topple their empires.


Realisation crises occur whenever the owner of the means of production (call him/her a Capitalist/boss/entrepreneur or the way you want) does not manage to realise his/her own commodities on the market, namely, s/he doesn’t manage to sell them and get a profit out of them.’




I myself believe in the following: ‘Every creation that has been invented, carries the seeds of its destruction within it.’