Injustice, enslavement in all its forms, oppression of any kind anywhere is a threat to all mankind everywhere!

Bell Hook 100% right, & I wrote this before coming across her writing, women at the top don’t care about no one but themselves, as long as they share & enjoy ‘Wealth Cake’ with sexist exploitative men at the top, so they will ignore the oppression & exploitation of poorer women.

They don’t mind those women at the top sharing the gains of capitalism with sexist exploitative men that other poor oppressed women will be doing the dirty work of ‘Sexual Slavery’ as long as those women at the top are enjoying themselves.

While it was in the interest of mainstream white supremacist
capitalist patriarchy to suppress visionary feminist thinking which
was not anti-male or concerned with getting women the right to be
like men, reformist feminists were also eager to silence these forces.
Reformist feminism became their route to class mobility. They
could break free of male domination in the workforce and be more
self-determining in their lifestyles. While sexism did not end, they
could maximize their freedom within the existing system. And they
could count on there being a lower class of exploited subordinated
women to do the dirty work they were refusing to do. By accepting
and indeed colluding with the subordination of working-class and
poor women, they not only ally themselves with the existing patriarchy
and its concomitant sexism, they give themselves the right to lead
a double life, one where they are the equals of men in the workforce
and at home when they want to be. If they choose lesbianism they
have the privilege of being equals with men in the workforce while
using class power to create domestic lifestyles where they can
choose to have little or no contact with men.


Bell Hooks




Drugging, Abuse, Harassment, Bullying, Intimidation, Domestic Violence, & Nerve Distrusting Incense

All kinds of things and evil that makes me ill is used against me and they say we are paid by everyone to do this. Via microphones told every minute do what we want and all your illness will disappear and those committing domestic violence against you will stop harming you, what kind of Islam is this? They say we make sure you lose trust, give you all sorts of paranoia, scare you and you will stop eating and die after we make all food and drink affected with things that make you sick. Even the shops and markets I shop from make sure that I am given products that will make me sick. I have become the enemy number one for everyone for +30 years of my life and I don’t know why.

I can’t walk in the streets peacefully like everyone, am hostage to people who have no good intentions towards me in their heart.

It is happening for months, years, and they taken steps and yesterday said we will drive you crazy, out of the house, and there are men who are starving for unemployed disabled poor girl like me who has no one so they can do to her all the forbidden things that lord prohibited decent humans from doing and are paid by international, local and religious figures who want to buy you, the men from the countries whom their citizens raped me, disabled, impoverished me, assault me,  bully me, intimidate me, I don’t know what to do.

Am threatened daily, told marry a man who works for criminals & does haram/takes drugs, was told no job for you & with international pals we’ll keep you poor, we gave you skin disease, before your job exam we made maid cook something to make you forgetful, do what we want & all your illnesses will go away & our aides who do domestic violence on our behalf will leave you. Wear niqab + big hijab.
Was told you praise yourself for being ‘God Fearing’ person who doesn’t go late at night with men, we gave a boy drugged bread/drugged you so that we make sex tapes of you but God saved you. We put cloth with blood in your room via our aides (What does that blood contain? Ya Rab help us). Now via SIHIR/DRUGS/OTHER EVIL via our aides who do all evil we will make sure to pin you with something sinnister, YA RAB SAVE ME AM INNOCENT GIRL RAPED, ABUSED, HARMED, & ASSULATED ALL HER LIFE.

الاشعث الاغبر المدفوع على الأبواب

ودى اليوم أشارك معكم أحداث حقيقية حدثت لواحدة من أولئك الطيبين الذين وصفهم الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم ب (الاشعث الاغبر المدفوع على الأبواب، الذى ان أقسم على الله لابره)، فتاة مسلمة ما حدث فى حياتها غاية فى الألم و الظلم،  يشبه الروايات البوليسية

اغتصبت مرات عدة، و رأت صنوف و الوان من العذاب و الابتلاء.

الفتاة المسلمة الضحية وجدت يوما ما فى التلفاز رجل يضحك كالمجانين هو الشيخ حازم اسماعيل يصف حادث مشابه لحادثها ثم يقول لتلك الضحية المغتصبة التى ربما لا يعرف الأبعاد وراء ما حصل لها، الرجل قال يا ريت عندما وقعتى من الدور العاشر تركت الحبل الذى تمسكت به كى لا تموتى و موتى و خلصتينا! من كان يا يريد ان يتخلص منها هو أدرى، الفتاة أسرتها فى نفسها كما فعل سيدنا يوسف الذى تخلص منه الظالمين، ثم يا لا العجب، شهور مرت ثم ألقى بحزام اسماعيل فى السجن!

هذه الفتاة أيضا فى بيتها تعذب ليل نهار من الجميع، و حتى مسلمى بلدها و اخرون يفعلون بها الشرور، فى احد الأيام أغلق عليها باب غرفتها و لم تستطع فتحه فطلبت من احدهم مساعدتها ثم قالت له لا يهم انا صليت و متؤضية، اهم شىء انى على وضوء كى أصلى، ثم قامت تحاول مرة أخرى فتح الباب، يا سبحان الله الباب الذى كان لا يمكن فتحه ربنا فتحه من عنده.

الفتاة منعت من العمل عن طريق شيوخ اشرار كحازم اسماعيل و اخرين مسلمين  و غير مسلمين  كمن اغتصبها و رموها من الدور السابع

جهازها الكمبيوتر الخاص بها تعطل و لا تملك مال لتشترى اخر،  فقالت داعية ربها يا رب بحق جاه النبى صلحه لى و لا تفرح الاعادى فى، فى دقائق الله اجاب دعوتها و انصلح من تلقاء نفسه، طوبى لأولئك الشعث الغبر المدفوعين على الأبواب الذين ليس لهم الا الله.

No One Cares

I too wish to believe this one million dollar looking woman, who happens to earn as much as a salary cares about women like you and me, but no one pushes  and advocates for something without an original evil sinful hidden motive and agenda, just like George Bush and Tony Blair whom their original agendas and motives for starting the Iraq war wasn’t to liberate the world from the tyranny of Saddam Hussien and his weapons of mass destruction, this woman sitting in front of you who looks like a ‘Vogue’ magazine model , who claims to be fighting for your rights, doesn’t care about your existence and your rights at all.


If we just had the guts and backbone to stand up and question thoroughly those who descend upon our lives with their shiny campaigns/plans while they all have hidden motives and agendas, our lives might have taken a different course.


Have you ever questioned why a million dollar looking woman, who have so much money sitting in her bank account, wearing latest jewellery/makeup, came from a beauty salon/spa, who can see with her own eyes how poverty had aged you at a young age,  what illness had done to you, bruises on your face from being beaten by an abusive father/husband/parent/relative or brother, who sees how poverty had crippled you, what malnourishment had done to you, who can see your worn out shoes or even bare feet, why had she chosen to not fight to put food in your belly, dress on your back, education in your brains, save you from abuse, money/job in your hand, but instead said to you ‘When we stop them from cutting your female genitals, your life will turn around!’, is that what will liberate you my sister, give you back your dignity, humanity and make you an equal to her?!

God Save Us From Ourselves

I was listening to a renowned scholar talking about the aim of marriage, and couldn’t stop myself from trying to find out if everyone or majority of folks share his same views on the purpose of marriage, so:

Do you think that the most important aims of marriage are just ‘Companionship and breeding’?!

If your answer is yes, I think you are depriving and denying yourself from experiencing one of the most beautiful and noble emotions that has ever existed ‘Love’, and you are not doing yourself justice because you have a right to seek love, be loved and give love to your loved one.

I always loved that part of the ‘Christian/Western’ wedding vows when couples say to one another ‘To Love and Cherish!’

Just as my love to God makes me bear whatever tests he puts me through and maintain my faith, loving your other half enables you to stand solid throughout your relationship with them and face everything with them happily and firmly be it (Illness, poverty, challenge, hardship and obstacle.)

A book, cat, dog, gardening, your friends, TV, work or even yourself if you enjoy solitude can provide you with company, it is not a very wise step to marry someone because you are looking for company!

We are not machines or robots to let go of our emotions; the great ones like love, and just to your knowledge they are making now robots that can express emotions and give back love to their owner!

In Islam when describing the relationship between spouses the lord says ‘و جعلنا بينكم مودة و رحمة, meaning (and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts)), I think all religions place so much great emphasis upon love.

I have heard a number of folks especially accomplished men who place a great emphasis when talking about marriage on the ‘Companionship and breeding’ side, and from my perspective I regard this as unfair for those in favour of such notions and their partners.

Lack of love will make us commit many inhumane and uncivilized actions against our partners; can you imagine what unloving spouse can do to their partner if the relationship fails?!

Some who lack the courage and love to inform their partner face to face that the relationship isn’t working anymore can choose to send that via a TWEET!

Let us mend our relationships and perspectives and choose love over anything else every time!

Finally, I don’t know where we are heading to when we subtract love from the equation of life and marriage, may God save us from ourselves!


We are mega rich & well fed men

To the point we developed huge bellies & butts like females

When moving around we watch our shade in admiration

We are so mesmerized by it

We shake our butts in fascination & transformation

We don’t care how many assaulted you

What was done to you by many men

Your trauma, pain, hurt, harm or abuse

We think you are still functioning

Few of us can make use of what you got.

We don’t want strong/solid commitment

Something temporary will do

Why do you think we made you poor?

Why do you think we kept you single till your thirties?

& if it happens that there will be a child by error from fucking you

We’ll help you get rid of it

& if we fail to do so;

No worries there’s SHORTAGE in the market & we can make use of another VAGINA OR ANUS.

We are always looking for our next victim & prey

Eating the Other: Desire & Resistance-Bell Hooks


To make one’s self vulnerable to the seduction of difference, to seek an encounter
with the Other, does not require that one relinquish forever one’s mainstream
positionality. When race and ethnicity become commodified as resources for pleasure,
the culture of specific groups, as well as the bodies of individuals, can be seen as
constituting an alternative playground where members of dominating races, genders,
sexual practices affirm their power-over in intimate relations with the Other.