Dalai Lama: Jihad is combating your internal destructive emotions






​(Submitted as an assignment and will be added to a novel am working on)


Before you spend, earn.

Before you demand from others respect, make sure you aren’t treating them as a doormat or a low life,

How you treat others comes around,

For every evil you do to others KARMA is at your tails.

If you do all of such evil/horror/harm/abuse plus putting me through hell,  I don’t OWE YOU ANY SORT OF RESPECT.


‘My son has broken his shoulder.’ The ugliest and most evil voice on planet said!

When your oppressor and the evil creature who does all sorts of ill towards you shares such tales with you, you can’t GLOAT,  we all pray karma makes all those who had done evil to us pay for their atrocities against us, but wish no ill on those who have not wronged you,  for even enmity has got ETHICS,  differentiate between the OGRE and an innocent powerless child who have not harmed you.

She made sincere prayers for the kid and went on doing her tasks, everything is tough and this was another test from the lord.

Sometimes she wonders why had life chosen to deal her the tough, wrong, evil and hard cards?!

Then she remembers ‘God never places upon your shoulder a burden he knows you’ll unable to carry.’ Every one of us gets a test from God equivalent to their ability and strength, and he tests the chosen ones, the ones whom he loves the most among us with the mightiest tests like he did with our beloved prophets and messengers. We try with our very little and limited strength and patience to score an ‘A+’ in the lord’s quizzes.

In spite of what others think of you, what you think of yourself is what matters the most. The boss sees her as ‘A Femme Fatale ‘ , who comes to the working place to seduce the average looking unsexy male colleagues, but truth is; she arrives every morning to earn her bread and make a living. Let them think what they think, KARMA is at the corner!

She feels that she is an officer in the military and a religious clergy woman; she is so assertive and keeps her eyes focused on moving things as per the plan and strategy, she has no surprises in store for anyone and she hates being taken by a surprise! She loves everything in and at their place, she adores order and hates CHAOS!


She told her closest friend of what the boss thinks of her, she just laughed so hard and said ‘Wish he knows that most of your friends have turned their backs on you because you aren’t entertaining!’

‘That’s not what he thinks, he thinks am Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe!’ She said in great fury.

‘I don’t know when was the last time I used an eyeliner or applied a lipstick?! She was almost yelling then added ‘And now he wants me to tailor special big gowns for work, if he is that religious why doesn’t he act in a humane civilized manner?!’

‘Resign!’ Said Mary.

‘I need the work and the money.’ She told her.

‘This is the job number what where the boss puts you through all kinds of horrors and atrocities?!’ She asked her then added ‘I think he’s having a mid life crisis and is probably in a boring marriage and he’s praying for his own ‘Sharon Stone’ somewhat!’

She then asked her which movie of hers does she think he had watched and in one voice the two of them said in unison ‘Basic Instinct’ and then they giggled for a long time so hard that their eyes were filled with tears!​

May You Be Rich & Blessed


(​Submitted as an assignment for a course on writing.)


‘Being poor is something that I would have never wished upon anyone, not even my worst enemies!’

One room with humble furniture, but very neat and clean, poorly aired due to the fact that it only had one window, seated amid tall buildings from all sides; it’s more of a garage, thus depriving its occupiers from proper ventilation! It was a hell on earth room, but it was all what they got at the moment! Yet there’s something emitting from it; lots of love, warmth, kindness and serenity.

Four days of severe illness and the best the boys and the little girl could do was to sit by her bedside and weep. They know no one, and got no money to bring her a doctor, if it was the other way round and it was one of the kids ill, she would had gone up and down to see them get all the medical attention they needed until they were well again.

‘Take it easy on yourselves angels, am a fighter and I will make it.’ She managed to say between the episodes of painful coughs she was undergoing.

She closed her eyes as she took another painful breathe; even the act of breathing has become torture for her!

She was raising three kids that weren’t her own, the kids of the relative who committed so much atrocities towards her, who had managed to turn the whole world against her with her fake crocodile tears and tales, and everyone has fallen for them, because of the attractiveness and sexiness of the narrator, hate, envy and jealousy of all those involved, and due to the fact that those around needed the narrator’s tales, so they had to buy whatever fake stories the evil relative was selling!

The person who had shattered her life and dreams made her promise them at the time of their death to take care of her three children. Who would have thought that life would turn suddenly sour after it had been all sweet and prosperous for her, her final words were ‘ I know what I did to you, with the help of my mother and many other people, I was filled with envy, jealousy and hate, my heart and conscience weren’t alive, everyone around me ensured that I made fatal damage to you, I can’t undo my mistakes, can’t compensate you on all the harm we did, but I paid for my sins, you may not know it, but most of those who did hurt and harm you did pay for their sins, even if they pretended to appear victorious all times, but the truth is; they have lost many precious things also; their authenticity, humanity, compassion, sympathy, innocence, themselves and much more, they were all ‘Walking Dead’!

Sometimes she wanted to place the kids at a foster home, she wanted them to have a taste of the tragedy, atrocity, horrors and pain that their mother, grandmother, family, friends, relatives and society had placed upon her and have been committing against her, maybe they thought that’s her plan, but she wanted to prove them wrong, show them even in their graves that she shared nothing with them, and that she was more human and humane than all of them.

She worked everywhere to ensure that the three kids get well educated, clothed, and fed even if the home she managed to give them was within the limits of this small tiny room, she filled their days with laughter, love, learning and made sure that they lived life to its fullest with the very modest means that were available for them, one day when they all become adults and be able to stand on their two feet, they will purchase whatever mansions and Ferrari they would ever desire , she will make sure to take them there, and along the way she too will make her dreams come true!

On tough days she walks them to their nearby schools, and she would carry the little girl on her back, the little girl would then ask her at certain times to run like a horse, they keep walking and if the boys whine and complaint , she would tell them ‘Walking is why we will live longer than the rich.’

Then they would ask in unison if they will always remain poor ‘Study well, be smart, stay out of trouble, chase your dreams, work big, dream big, and you’ll never remain poor.’

They keep chanting ‘Dream big, & work big’ all day long even when they’re doing their homework in the evening.

She came back from her memories, and then slowly opened her eyes to look at the three angels praying at her feet for her. Life has so many lessons, the toughest one is to clarify for us certain facts, one of them is the following: We may think of ourselves as the authors of the ‘Book of Life’, but truth is: The lord executes it all for everyone, he had written the beginning, middle and the end. Who would have thought the woman who had lived on top of the world would die in such painful manner, and would leave her kids to the person she had committed so much atrocities against!

Even within the holy books you will come across those who have been on top of everything and then went into ruin’, and those whom were oppressed then by the lord’s will and word have triumphed.

To be continued…

Salome’s Dowry – Dance of the Seven Veils

She learned from her masters, who gave her the ABC of the craft, and then sealed it not with a kiss but with an advice, and told her to wear that in her ears like an ‘Ear Ring’ and around her neck like a ‘Necklace’;

‘All Will Use You, But You Don’t Have to Settle For Nothing, Do The Same and Be The Last Winner Who Wins It All At The Poker Table.’

Salome had many talents among them;  ‘Twisting, turning like a snake and shedding tears like a crocodile to win everyone.’ From where she came everything were in total destruction and she was like an oasis amid the ruins.

She wanted it all, and knew how to get what she wanted, she also had a plan to make all her enemies,  rivals, and those she hated , all fall one after the other like a domino. To her surprise she found that most of her evil murderous blood thirsty acquaintances also were envious and hated the same people as her, and wanted to get rid of them too, and it made her task a lot more easier!

For her and them it became more similar to when all tribes had agreed on the assassination of prophet Mohammed and when they came up with the evil plot stating that:

‘If All Tribes Unite To Get Rid Of Him, It Will Be Mission Impossible To Seek Vengeance For His Blood From Every Tribe!’

To be continued….


حتى الصغار منهم من تجذر فيه البخل، و الانانية، و من يرى نفسه فقط المستحق لكل شىء، و أما الباقى فعليه بالفتات، و لا شىء اخر يستحقون او يليق بهم.

تتذكر طفولتهما، كانت تهديها الرث من الثياب، الاحذية المهترئة، الكتب، الدفاتر و الادوات المدرسية المتأكلة و القديمة، تلك التى تساقط عليها بواقى الطعام فتخجل ان يراها الاخرون، فبدل ان تلقى بتلك الاشياء فى مكب الزبالة ترميها الى وفاء. نجوان تهديها فقط ما لفظته، و ما عافته نفسها، لا تستطيع ان ترى اى شخص معه شىء جديد و جميل.

فهى الابنة المدللة لسيدة و سيد المنزل، و وفاء الابنة الوحيدة اليتيمة لمخدومتهم.

ببراءة الاطفال، و طيبتهم المعهودة كانت وفاء عكس نجوان تهديها كل جديد،  مما تمكنت من شراءه بمصروفها المدرسى المتواضع.

يوما سألت وفاء أمها غاضبة: لما نجوان و هى ثرية تهديها كل تلك الاشياء القديمة و القبيحة؟

أجابت والدتها: أحمدى ربنا أنها أفتكرتك أصلا!

بصوت قاسى و بتعبير بارد  أجابت وفاء قائلة: أنا مش أنتى يا أمى علشان أحمد ربنا على الذل، و ربنا ميرضاش بالذل.

من يومها،ا ما ان تحضر لها نجوان الاغراض القديمة حتى تتبرع بها وفاء الى ملجأ قريب.

و عندما دخلت الجامعة بدأت ببيع ملخص المحاضرات و أعطاء دروس لاثرياء الطلبة الذين يحضرون فقط أيام الامتحانات، بدأت تشترى أشياء جديدة و جميلة لنفسها و لأمها، و تتبرع للفقراء، كانت تمازح أمها قائلة:بكرة أريحك من الغلب ده.

لم يمهل بكرة أم وفاء الفرصة، توفت بازمة قلبية من كثرة متطلبات العمل و لكبر سنها.

أخبرتها أم نجوان انها تستطيع ان تستمر بالعيش معهم و  تقوم بنفس مهام أمها، شكرتها وفاء على كرمها و طلبت منها ان تعطيها فرصة كى تفكر، ضحكت نجوان قائلة: فرصة ايه انتى مجنونة و لا بتستهبلى!هو أنتى أصلا عندك ايه غير الحل ده و أحنا!

بقلب مثقل بالحزن و رأس يضج بالم حاد ردت وفاء بهدوء: عندى ربنا يا نجوان!

و فى الصباح الباكر حملت أغراضها و تركت المنزل. رحلت الى احد اصدقاءها فى القاهرة، بحثت عن عمل و وجدت فرصة فى مكتب محاماة، عملت بجانب دراستها، و تخرجت ضمن اوائل الدفعة. كان مدير المكتب الذى تعمل فيه يثق بها أكثر من ابنه الوحيد، كان يدعها تقوم بكافة المهمات الشاقة و يقول انها تذكره بشبابه، و يتمنى لو كان ابنه مثلها!

بعد عشر سنوات توفى السيد وليد مديرها و من كانت تعتبره بمثابة ابيها، جعلها شريكة فى المكتب، و أوصى ابنه أشرف بان تكون وفاء  مستشارته فى كل ما يخص العمل.

كانت علاقة وفاء باشرف فقط ضمن نطاق العمل، و بعد عدة شهور بدا يحدثها عن حياته الخاصة، كان يقضى معظم يومه معها، و حدث ما كانت تخاشه؛ وقع الاثنان فى الحب، حاربت وفاء كثيرا مشاعرها تجاه اشرف و لكن رضخت لها فى النهاية.

قالت لاشرف: انا مش عاوزة ابقى الست اللى خربت بيت ست زيها و شردت ولاد واحدة غيرها.

نظر اشرف لها باسى ثم قال: مفيش بيت، انا عمرى ما حسيت انى متجوز، انا بحس انى عيل فى مدرسة و مراتى الست الناظرة!

تزوج اشرف و وفاء و ذهبا فى رحلة حول العالم، و فى أثناء شهر العسل طلق زوجته.

حملت وفاء و بسبب متاعب الحمل نصحها الاطباء بالامتناع عن العمل، كانت تساعد زوجها من خلال وسائل الاتصال الحدثية فى مهام العمل.

كانت تقضي يومها فى الكتابة، مساعدة زوجها، و القيام بحملات تبرع للفقراء، لم تسأله يوما عن زوجته، و لكن كانت تطلب منه دائما رؤية ابناءه، وعدها باحضارهم حتى يتعرفوا علي بعضهم.

فى احد الايام كانت تقوم ببعض المهام عندما قرع جرس الباب، ذهبت و فتحت الباب، ثم رأت أمامها اخر شخص كانت تتوقع رؤيته!

دفعت نجوان الباب بشدة و دخلت دون استئذان قائلة: الرجالة كده، مش بيحبوا غير العك و الحاجات البئية البلدى، هوا بقى خرب بيته علشان الخادمة بتاعتى!

ردت وفاء قائلة: الحياة معلمتكيش حاجة يا نجوان، أنتى لسة زى ما أنتى!

ـ و انتى زى ما انتى سافلة، حقودة و غيورة، و بتاخدى حاجتى القديمة دائما!
ـ أنا اخر مرة خدت فيها حاجة منك كان عندى عشر سنين، و مشيت علشان اللى حاجة الوحيدة اللى كان بتربطنى بكم راحت عندد اللى خلقها، يمكن ده امتحان ليا، أنا كرهت كل حاجة قديمة كنتى بترميها ليا،  و دلوقتى لازم انا اسال نفسى جوزك القديم هل اخده و لا ارميه؟!

ـ اوعى تفتكرى انى هسمح انه يلمسنى بعد ما لمس واحدة زيك!

ـ انا شريكة فى مكتب جوزك، و ام ابنه، حبيبته و مراته، و انا فعلا مش هتخلى عنه عارفة ليه؟! علشان يا نجوان انتى محدش غرس فيك غير الانانية المفرطة، و فاكرة الدنيا كلها رهن اشارتك، و انك مركز الكون و الكل بيدور فى فلكك، بخيلة فى حبك و عطاءك مع أصحابك، جوزك،  و كل حد، و فاكرة انهم هيستحملوا ياخدوا الفتات اللى بتتبرعى و تتكرمى به، هدوم مقطعة، حب ناقص، عواطف بتديها للناس زى الدوا بحساب، كمية و ميعاد!

تركت منزلكم علشان كنت عاوزة اكثر، و جوزك كمان تركك علشان عاوز أكثر، كلنا بندور على البقعة ذات الاشياء الاكثر، سواء ضوء، حب، فلوس، مركز و لا خضرة اكثر!

انتى مفيش فى قاموسك غير فضلات الاشياء، تعطى البواقى،  و كل انسان عنده كرامة لا يقبل بهكذا هوان، أطلعى برة!

دفعت وفاء بنجوان الى خارج منزلها و أغلقت الباب، و أوصت حارس المنزل بان لا يمسح لها بالدخول مرة أخرى، ثم أنصرفت كى تنهى بقية أعمالها.

Exceprt From My Novel


They argued with them of not doing it, and gave them all the evidence why their marriage is doomed to fail.

His mother said to him ‘Don’t look very far, just look at the (White House), here you go, the biggest evidence you will ever need; a black man who was conceived by a white woman and a black man, and the rest is history. Son, such marriages do rarely work.’ She then took his hands in hers ‘Do you want that for your children, for me, do you want me to be that black grandmother like Obama’s white grandmother raising my son’s children from his failed marriage?!’

Excerpt From My Novel

Am afraid the people who already are denying me WORK WILL STEAL MY NOVEL. This did happen more than once, things included in my writing are being discussed here & there, someone today was calling me by the name of one of the male characters in my novel, how can I protect my laptop from SPYWARE?!

My novel is about a male character called ‘Dauwd’,  he is a Muslim soldier in the American Army, people close to him & so on.

‘How many times do I have to repeat myself? I have said million times; I never wanted him to go? This war is not and was never our war!’ His face turned red indicating his irritation.

She began arguing with him feverishly ‘How can you say such a horrendous thing? Many Muslims and non Muslims had suffered severely from this plague called ‘Terrorism and Extremism?!’

‘It is not my fault you never use your brains, that you spend all your day on multiple phony platforms, and in the end think and talk like them!’

‘Like who?’ It was her turn to become extremely upset ‘Remember, you were the one who spent years chasing me to marry you and all of a sudden now I have become of no quality!’