SMART For Goals

SMART is an abbreviation for a set of terms, which we use to measure GOALS, and they are:





T:Time Bound

So let’s make a further breakdown to the SMART For Goals.


S: Know what you want and where are you heading to, for it will make your journey easier. Alice in Wonderland was asked where is she headed to, she mentioned that she got no clue, the cat she was asking for suggestion replies back to her saying; then it doesn’t matter !

Imagine doing the same, how much time, effort, and so many other things will be like a total waste during such journey to ‘I don’t know what GOAL‘?!

Someone smart once said ‘Be you, because everyone else is already taken’, one has got to know who they’re, what they stand for, don’t try to imitate or live another person’s dreams, life & goals. Your goals must be yours & must be a translation for who you are.

M:Goals got to be measurable, from time to time check progress, assess, evaluate & make necessary modifications.

A: Don’t make a very impossible goal that may discourage you from taking action, or a very easy one that might never challenge or motivate you.

R: Your goal as I said must be a translation of  who you are, whether it’s independent/interdependent goal, depending on your culture, point of view & how you see things(For example Cultures like America/Japan) operate from a unique sphere, one may place much emphasis on the person, the other gives the emphasis for the group.

T:They say the beautiful things about dreams is that they don’t have an expiry date, good for them, on the other hand goals are bound to a TIME FRAME, like taking a course or going to university they have a start & an end date.

PS: Portions here were written for a particular assignment for a course.

You Have Only One Option; To Win

We all have heard many of the following quotes:

Don’t pray that God makes your battles easier, but pray that he make you stronger.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Whether you think you can do something/anything, or not, you’re right either way. Henry Ford

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. “The Road Not Taken“, Robert Frost.

But how many of us really apply them?!

Puts the theory into action?!

Now think of this:

What were the chances of each one of the following people making a WIN (Joan of Arc & Muhmet Al-Fatteh )? Both were even very young at the time during their quests.

Susan Boyle ( With her age, zero experience, modest looks & many other elements)?

But each group won despite all the odds/obstacles/challenges against them.

Muhammed Ali mentioned the following ‘”I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

So maybe the most difficult path is the one that may lead us to live honorable, satisfying, extraordinary & dignified lives. It may lead us to live as ‘HEROES/CHAMPIONS’ for the rest of our lives.

Obstacles can always be there, they can be there naturally or because someone else had created them for you;may be created by those who fear your success & your enemies, but then, will you declare defeat and give up?!

You can tackle any obstacle, and if you are very wise & try to make each problem you may face into an opportunity, you gonna win. Think of the creators of ‘The Post It Notes’, & how they turned things around into an invention that most of us can’t live without it!


Actually with a very solid sound reasonable plan/decision nothing is impossible.  Some even had created their own slogans; IMPOSSIBLE ACTUALLY MEANS I’M POSSIBLE.

If you were leading a team and you face a storm, how would you have overcame such obstacle/problem?!


I wouldn’t allow my team to go sip tea and relax till the storm passes, I’ll make them go through the storm and win.

What about you?!

You, Me & everyone else should change our mindsets to ones focused on SUCCEEDING & WINNING, and repeat this every single second of our lives:




 Yes, you heard me get a divorce from your pain, anger, hurt, fear, people, experiences and everything that had done nothing to you but keep and bring you down over and over again.


Why do you choose to stay in contact and in close relationship with all the things that had contributed into leading you to a place other than the one you had forever been envisaging for yourself?!


Why keep holding to experiences and individuals that don’t do you justice?!  That don’t appreciate you, deny you your worth, belittle you, chain you, make rumours about you and say negative things in-order to confuse you, keep you hostage, plant seeds of doubt in you even when they know how great you are, and want you and drive you to always play little/small so you can always move within their universe. People who allow you to just grow to an extent, but never ever exceed them in any anyway!


When relationships don’t function anymore, people out of love or because they are awesome individuals they try making things work, if they keep failing in making change or progress they seek a way out!


You know deep down that repeating and doing the same painful things or going through the same painful experiences repeatedly and awaiting a different result or outcome is INSANITY, so why do you choose insanity over saneness ?!


Make this your new year’s resolution, let this be your new year’s gift to yourself: GET A DIVORCE & WALK AWAY from all the things that breaks and weights you down.


Open your arms wide enough to WELCOME THE NEW YEAR and all the amazing things in store for you, GIVE LIFE A TIGHT LOVING HUG.

5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins wears many hats and also holds many posts (Commentator, TV host, & a coach among other thing), beside all her great achievements she has set the bar very high for herself with a very exceptional goal; to exceed ‘Rush Limbaugh’ in the number of stations that she aims to be working for. (Touch the wood)!





In this very short piece I would like to discuss a method created by her known as the ‘5 Second Rule’ , where she states that from the moment that one gets an idea/thought they have five seconds to act upon that idea/thought or as she says ‘It’ll be gone’,  what she means is that if one fails to act upon the idea/thought  the brain will push it  aside and then it will never see the light.


The builders of the future; the selfless giants…

I watched an online talk between ‘Noam Chomsky’ & ‘Yanis Varoufakis’ the former Greek Finance minister and was amazed at the state of peace, calmness and easiness that filled the talk. Prof. Chomsky didn’t seem at all in a battle to set the tone during the discussion and demonstrate who has the upper hand when it comes to knowledge & experience; he was sitting in total ease, calmly and peacefully with a self filled with confidence. I watched and noticed how he has nothing to prove for the world, not even that he’s an expert, top scholar and one of greatest intellectual figures alive. He didn’t occupy himself on showing the world that the man sitting opposite to him whom is very young has got to do a lot in order for him to catch up with him, he had let the Greek minister do much of the talking! Well that is how confident people behave!

Grow, expand, and stretch yourself to fullest range to become the best version of yourself, not to brag about it, not to impress others, not to seek approval or validation from others of/on your importance and worthiness, you are important and worthy even when no one steps forward to let you know that.

In my very humble opinion I think ‘Real Losers’ are constantly in competition with everyone! Their talks start and revolves around ‘I did this to X & Y or I defeated X & Y), what a catastrophe and misfortune to be living and leading such miserable shallow life! Their talk is hackneyed around the word ‘I’, it starts from there, moves around and ends with it!

Those people lack that blissful inner security, self confidence and awareness that comes from not perceiving or taking life as if it’s a ‘Boxing Ring’ (Muhhamed Ali Vs his opponents), where if you don’t bring down your opponent and take them down it will be you who loses!  I do really believe the ‘Tao’ wisdom that states the following:

‘Those who know don’t talk, those who talk don’t know.’

True self confidence is when you are only in competition with yourself (Am not against looking around finding role models & leaders and taking them as examples/benchmark for what one wants to become), only working and consumed by one very noble goal; ‘Being better than your former self.’ A mighty person is one whom isn’t obsessed and occupied by proving X & Y aren’t as talented as them or working indefatigably to take everyone down. Confident people aren’t sweating on showing that everyone is wrong and that the only ones who hold the keys to knowledge and can solve all problems is ‘Them’.

Those who love to be viewed/regarded as being the ‘Solo Expert’; the one who knows everything will/ may travel not so far but to some extent, but those leaders/masters/experts who work in/with teams to bring everyone to their level and to be on the top of their games, the ones who don’t mind giving the driving wheel to others, people who are not afraid that others will be praised for accomplishments that they have contributed to in huge ways will travel further, & the later kind and group of people are very important to many businesses and societies, they are the selfless giants who don’t mind that great models and people are/to built upon their shoulders.

Never Give Up

 (Written By: Samia J. Hassan For The Millionaire’s Digest)

 Away from the talks, discussions and pretending that we often use to appear in control, I think it’s okay sometimes to admit that we are not Mr. & Mrs know it all, and that beneath all the tough appearance and the masks we wear, we’re vulnerable and sometimes we have our own doubts and don’t have a clue what the hell we are doing!  But even during those times of uncertainty, we must never lose faith and hope.


Every successful person or role model that inspires us was at some point in their lives completely lost, and many times on the verge of giving up entirely on their dreams (Take Chris Gardner for an example from the movie of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ which is a true story), but then just as they were about to give up, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel pushing them to keep going forward.


What separates the winners from the losers is PERSEVERANCE, at many times you got to become your own ‘Rocky’,  keep fighting and going on even when the whole world is betting on your failure.


Never give up, even when you feel that you’re completely lost or doubtful about whether or not you will win or lose, never lose sight, keep your eyes on the GRAND PRIZE, and believe me there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel.


And remember life is tough, but that ends eventually, what lasts at the end is TOUGH PEOPLE.

‘Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.’  Sylvester Stallone