Alpha Brainwave: Secret To Success

They say that only 3%  of us realize their dreams, same goes for our ‘BRAINS’;  only very few of us know how to fully use it and to fully tap into its hidden unlimited potential.

It’s a shame that we read manuals on how to assembly furniture, use this and that equipment and device, but don’t take time to read, study, understand and learn how to use and deal with this magnificent gift from the lord ‘Our Brains’.


The ‘BRAIN’ has five waves each assigned to a different role:






Each is a doorway to endless possibilities and provide us with unlimited powers.

Some of those who have studied the brain argue that humans have been using their brains in the wrong way all along. Meaning that they have let the parts or brainwaves that shouldn’t have been in control be in the driving seat and take charge and control of everything. I say maybe that’s why we have so much tragedies in this world.

In all the five brainwaves ‘ALPHA’ is the most powerful, and its the one that makes it possible for humans to absorb so much information, learn fast, excel in anything and succeed.

When you are on ‘Alpha’ brain wave your body is relaxed and that makes all the difference, the amazing thing is that the frequency of ‘Alpha’ isn’t that much high and is slower allowing you to excel with excellence in anything.

The ‘Alpha’ brain wave is more concerned with the right side of our brains that deals with imagination, intuition, and creativity.

If you want to succeed, make sure that you’re on ‘Alpha’ brainwave most times.


The War On Your Brain

Georgi Lozanov ‘the father of accelerated learning’ has found the following:

‘By being in relaxed state we can absorb more information and therefore excel in learning.’

Many times kids and people in dysfunctional families perform way below their peers who come from stable and loving families. Now imagine also that those you work with becoming another added problem to the ones you’re already having, add also the society too?! God help those facing such misfortune, difficulties and hardships!

If you are more intelligent than those around,  you may find yourself facing the greatest war of all wars; the ones who hate you and want to imprison and captivate you will find means to sabotage and destroy your brain performance, so that you won’t be giving all of your abilities and the best performance that you’re capable of , SUCCEEDING & BECOMING YOUR GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF IS THEIR BIGGEST NIGHTMARE & WHAT THEY FEAR THE MOST.

This evil war can be in any location that requires you to be dedicating your utmost mental abilities to perform in excellence , and it’s carried via various different evil means; (brain injuries, unemployment, poverty, various injuries, abuse, fights/quarrels, problems, nonsense arguments, insults, trauma, harassment, distractions, drugs, giving you an evil/abusive/harmful/stinky/mean/difficult time at class, home, office, etc.),  their goal is to take away all the peace of mind and mental strength/ability that you need in performing any meaningful task that you’re undertaking.

Know your enemy’s evil methods and what they want and protect yourself.



To somebody I know: ‘Now you know why the stinky scholarship you received was such a pain in the ass, and why everyone was mean and aggressive to you!’

Help Victims of Domestic Violence

Where was I those past days my WordPress family?

From the pain inside my head, heart & soul, it’s difficult to write well, & am making all sorts of typo!

Please don’t leave us ‘VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ALONE‘, help us , share our stories, & try to help us fix this & put an end to all kinds of violence.

Finding a way to escape the dreadful horrendous net I live in. Imagine the woman who is practicing domestic violence against me,  I took hits that were targeted at her,  helped her & her kids after escaping an abusive father’Her Husband’ my dad,  & helped them in trying to build a safer life away from violence. Today that criminal woman,  & her kids are practicing against me the same violence we all escaped!

A few days ago as usual I’s attacked by them, & she ordered her kids to bring some guys to finally ‘LOCK ME UP’ at the ‘MAD HOUSE’ , because I’m have prevented them for so long from practicing their MERRY LIFE!

I’s a victim of CHILD ABUSE , & NOW I’M A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, & many other forms of violence, abuse, & harm from many people.

With the help of her kids, they assault & abuse me (The mother & her kids), threaten me every time because I’m without a job, friends, or any form of any kind of support that they’ll kick me out of the house,  & most times threaten they’ll place me in a ‘Mental Asylum’.

Those past days I’s trying to find means to make my life safe, & asking help from the people who unleashed such dangerous creatures, who allow them to carry out their crimes against me, who also harass, attack, abuse, harm & insult me in public.



Believe me, perpetrators NEVER CHANGE.

Why Are Men Becoming More Interested in The Fight Against FGM?

Hi Pals:
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Female Arousal

Arousal in general can be due to a stimuli be it mental or physical, & the internal variation of hormones. Sexual arousal has many stages.


What may make men aroused differs from what makes women aroused, from my readings many studies had been done in labs to find out what turns on each sex, some studies had shown that heterosexual men were turned on from merely watching sexual activity going on between (a man & a woman), on the other hand one study states that some women were turned on from watching sexually activity taking place between (women & animals), but the study didn’t exactly specify or state what was the sexual preference for those women.


I also came across another expert that mentions the following ‘Physical arousal isn’t a proof that a woman is turned on & that in order to get a woman hot & bothered, you have to start from top.


So what makes a woman turned on? This varies from one woman to another; it’s unique for each one, more like how each individual has their own finger print, preferences, & also sexual experience. It’s also important & worth mentioning that women do vary in the amount of time needed in order for them to be fully aroused, this can range from 20 to 45 minutes.



There’s one key hormone which plays an important factor in female sexual drive although it might be thought of as a man hormone (TESTOSTERONE), this is a very important hormone for female sexual drive & also for arousal (It’s said that there’re still studies taking place to determine the importance of the hormone for female sexual drive), & as women grow older their bodies produce half the amounts that it used to produce when they were younger. Absence of or low amounts of testosterone in women is said to lead to low sex drive according to some studies.


According to one Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist there’re four types of female arousal:

  • The Sensual Type
  • The Cognitive Type
  • The Intimacy Type
  • The Attractor Type


Females can also suffer from various forms of arousal disorders.